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Where To Find Cozy Fireplaces

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Some of the best moments during the festive season revolve around curling up under a blanket, next to a wood-burning fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. Here are some of the best places to enjoy cozy fireplaces with spectacular mountain vistas.

The Rimrock Resort Hotel

Top feature: The indoor fireplaces at the Rimrock Resort Hotel are next to huge windows that overlook the Bow Valley. The outdoor one is a perfect winter retreat with stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains. 

winter, rimrock, hotel, banff, outside fireplace, fireside

Buffalo Mountain Lounge

Top feature: The Buffalo Mountain Lodge fireplace is located in a beautiful lounge right next to the Sleeping Buffalo bar. Order a signature cocktail and appetizer before your hand-crafted meal is served in the restaurant. 

Christmas, Buffalo Mountain Lodge, Banff National Park
Célestine Aerden

Storm Mountain Lodge

Top feature: Book your own cabin at Storm Mountain Lodge and enjoy your very own wood-burning fireplace. It's the intimate getaway you've been dreaming of. 

The Juniper Hotel & Bistro

Top feature: The Juniper Bistro boasts a cozy indoor fireplace where you can cuddle up with your friends and enjoy Canadian cuisine. The outdoor fireplace is just as relaxing, which also offers a unique view of the town of Banff. 

Fireside at the Juniper Bistro, Banff National Park
Juniper Hotel

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