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Community and business members attend the Tourism Together Open House in November 2023

The Process

The project saw an unprecedented level of engagement throughout. The research process included:

One-on-one interviews: with almost 45 key tourism industry partners.

Three surveys: of Banff National Park residents, tourism employees in the destination, and tourism industry partners; with more than 2,000 responses in total.

Six Working Groups: each addressing one the following key themes: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Future Destination Brand & Values, Indigenous Tourism, Innovating Tourism, Live, Work & Community, and Sustainability. The Working Groups include members of the community and tourism industry stakeholders, tasked with collaborating to build shared understanding, identify collective priorities, and co-develop a number of meaningful joint recommendations.

Group NAO, an internationally recognized research and innovation company, supported the process and completed the research as an independent third party.

Independent Survey Findings

Group NAO conducted three surveys across businesses, residents, and other interested parties in Banff National Park. Below is the recording of the presentation of the findings at the November 2022 Open House.

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