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Banff & Lake Louise is world famous for its vibrant turquoise lakes, dramatically beautiful mountains, and warm and vibrant community. It is a place which leaves a lasting impression. The jaw-dropping views of the mountains; a hike through the glowing larch trees of fall; a delicious dinner in front of a crackling fire; spotting a grizzly bear feasting on berries: these are memories that will last forever.

This Travel Trade section is your resource to help inspire, excite and plan itineraries for your clients on what they need to know about Banff & Lake Louise. There is information about how to get to Banff & Lake Louise and how to get around when you’re here; what is new and exciting; and resources for trip planning and contacts to help you develop new itineraries and update existing ones.

Banff & Lake Louise Tourism is passionate about sharing the magic of Banff & Lake Louise. We can help you with resources, training, and planning your clients Banff & Lake Louise travel tours and programs. Get in touch if you have any questions or requests.