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Mission, Vision, and Values


Inspire the world to experience Banff and Lake Louise.


A bold and disciplined marketing organization committed to the growth of the tourism economy and the curation of the destination brand.


Our values help guide the ways in which we will achieve our Mission:

Be Thoughtful. Be Alive.

We constantly strive to do the right thing – for our visitors, our partners, our environment and ourselves. We stay true to ourselves and this place by taking the time to assess and understand situations before making decisions. Our motivations and actions are genuine.

Be United. Be Alive.

We value each other. We succeed as a team, each playing an important role in bringing this place to life. We support one another in working toward common goals, and celebrate those accomplishments together. All based on a shared belief that we can achieve much more as a group than we can on our own.

Be Optimistic. Be Alive.

We believe in each other and the goals we’re working towards. We embrace challenges and adversity by pushing forward with optimism, enthusiasm and an unbreakable spirit.

Be Innovative. Be Alive.

We don’t believe in standing still, or simply waiting for great things to happen to us. We’re motivated and inspired to make them happen. We work towards our goals every day, pushing forward and making headway. We may stop along the way to make sure that our path is correct, but make no mistake, we are striving for the summit.


The Banff/Lake Louise Tourism Bureau was incorporated in November 1991 with the support of the local business community. Its founding purposes were to market Banff National Park as a world class year-round destination and provide destination marketing, public relations, and visitor information services.