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Plans & Reports

Business Plans

  • 2023 Business Plan
  • 2022 Business Plan
  • 2021 Business Plan
  • 2021 Business Plan Summary
  • 2020 Business Plan
  • 2019 Business Plan

Annual Reports

The annual report is a comprehensive report on BLLT’s activities throughout the preceding year. The report provides information on our initiatives, results and financial performance.

  • 2021 Annual Report
  • 2020 Annual Report
  • 2019 Annual Report
  • 2018 Annual Report

Brand Guidelines

Good brands have personality. Great ones have a story that unites partners and puts a purpose behind every initiative. You may not realize it, but every member plays an integral role in building our brand by contributing to the story that helps guests decide to visit our amazing destination in the first place.

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Overview (2-pager)

Food Tourism Strategy

Recognizing the growth of food tourism globally, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism (BLLT) has worked alongside members and stakeholders from across the destination to develop a food tourism strategy.

  • Food Tourism Strategy