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Travel Information

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Whether you're looking for an adventure, a place to reflect, or a new perspective, Banff and Lake Louise are where you'll find it.

Plan ahead to ensure a seamless experience in Banff and Lake Louise.

Reopening Businesses

Businesses in Banff and Lake Louise are reopening every day, but some may function differently than they have in the past.

  • Call ahead or check the business' website to confirm they're open, and to what capacity they are operating.
  • Plan your outing knowing that businesses may be operating differently. Dining rooms may have less capacity as they implement physical distancing measures.

Read more for information on business openings in the town of Banff. 

Exploring Outdoors

Parking is reopening soon at many day-use areas, trails, and lakes. The powerful beauty of this place is still here, waiting to help you unwind and exist in the moment. Things may look a little different, but the new elements work in harmony with the many opportunities to experience moments of awe in Banff and Lake Louise.

Explore Responsibly

Our community has been working hard to welcome you to Banff and Lake Louise in a way that is safe for our community and visitors.

  • When exploring our picturesque trails and towns, maintain a distance of two metres when you encounter fellow adventurers.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, and make use of hand sanitizer when directed.
  • Avoid gatherings that involve larger groups.
  • Refer to Alberta Heath Services guidelines on travelling.

Our Visitor Centre staff members are available to help you with all the details of your visit to Banff and Lake Louise. These local experts are available via phone, email, or Live Chat on our website

Getting Around Banff and Lake Louise

Banff and Lake Louise are easy to explore by foot, bike, public transit and shuttle. By walking or riding, you can avoid dealing with traffic and parking and tune in to the splendour of the natural surrounds. If your legs are tired after a day of adventures, you can always take a bus or a shuttle back to base.


Walking is a great way to experience the town of Banff and the hamlet of Lake Louise. When visiting the town of Banff, park on the outskirts and look out for wildlife as you wander into the main hub. Free parking is available at the Banff Train Station and the Fenlands Recreation Centre. 

Read our tips for exploring on two feet.


Banff National Park provides breathtaking backdrops for your cycling adventures. A bike is the ideal way to get around town, or to explore the many scenic trails that lead out of town. Whether you're looking forward to a smooth ride along scenic roads or a thrilling spin down a mountain bike trail, there's a cycling adventure waiting for you in Banff National Park. For trail suggestions and rental options, check out our biking page.

Public Transit

Leave the car behind and explore with Roam Transit. Discover more of the region with routes available around Banff, Canmore, Lake Minnewanka, Johnston Canyon, and Lake Louise.

Parks Canada

Parking at many day-use areas, trails, and lakes are reopening soon. Visitor services and other facilities will remain suspended until further notice.

Park Passes

The sale of annual Park Passes has been suspended until further notice. 

Annual Discovery Park Passes that have already been purchased will automatically be extended for the full duration of the suspension period. For each month that visitor services are not offered, a full month will be added to the end date of the annual pass. If you have pre-purchased day National Park Passes, this will be at the discretion of Parks Canada.


Highways will remain open for through traffic.

The Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 93 South and Highway 93 North remain open to facilitate the transportation of goods and through-travellers only.
The following secondary roads remain closed by Parks Canada

  • Moraine Lake Road
  • The east and far west ends  The Bow Valley Parkway
  • Minnewanka Loop
  • Mountain Ave     
  • Sunshine Road
  • Norquay Road
  • Tunnel Mountain Road 
Trails and Facilities
  • Space will be limited at the Lake Louise Lakeshore parking lot to support physical distancing measures. 
  • Access to trails, day-use areas, and key attractions is limited, with physical distancing measures to be respected.  
  • Trail conditions are not being monitored and the trail report is not being updated. 
  • Restrooms that remain open are being cleaned thoroughly and are safe to use (most of these are along the transportation corridors). 
  • Vehicle parking for users of the Banff Legacy Trail is extremely limited. 
  • A reminder that bears are out of hibernation. If you’re out on the trails, make sure to stay alert, make noise and carry bear spray.
Camping Reservations

All camping facilities including backcountry camping, oTENTiks, and other roofed accommodations remain closed until at least June 21, 2020. Parks Canada will not be taking new reservations until at least June 22, 2020. All existing reservations set to take place prior to June 21, 2020 will be automatically cancelled and refunded in full.

Parks Canada Shuttle System

Reservations for the 2020 Parks Canada Lake Louise and Moraine Lake shuttles have been postponed until further notice.

Read more for information on updates from Parks Canada for Banff National Park

Town of Banff

There are limited services currently available in the Town of Banff.

There are limited services currently available in the Town of Banff. As per current restrictions and public health guidelines, some businesses and services are opening in various capacities in the Town of Banff. A list of businesses and their operating procedures can be found on the Town of Banff website.

Last updated May 22, 2020