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Arts & Culture

The Banff Centre

Arts & Culture

The immense beauty of Banff & Lake Louise has inspired artists of all disciplines and backgrounds for centuries. The First Nations people have captured its essence through hundreds of years of art, dance, and worship of the natural landscape. More recently, the iconic vistas of the Rocky Mountains have moved people to paint, sketch, photograph and write. 

The rich tradition for the creation and appreciation of art and culture continues today. Many artists from around the world are drawn to the alluring landscapes, and arts and culture are celebrated in the galleries, cultural centres, historic sites, and museums of Banff & Lake Louise.

The Banff Centre

The Banff Centre is one of Canada’s most recognized art and cultural institutions. It is home to galleries and theatres which host contemporary art exhibitions, art classes and workshops, as well as many performances such as theatre, music, dance, opera, and films. The centre is open year round, and is a must-visit for cultural aficionados. 

Visit The Banff Centre’s website to learn more.

Music and Theatre

In addition to The Banff Centre, there are a variety of other music and theatre events held in Banff & Lake Louise. The outdoor amphitheatre in the town of Banff hosts live concerts in the summer, and many restaurants showcase live music performed by local musicians. See the full schedule of events happening in Banff & Lake Louise.

The annual Performance in the Park conference series, held in Banff, AB

Cultural Performances

First Nations have for centuries lived on and celebrated the land that became Banff National Park. Their rich history and connection with the Rocky Mountains continues, and is recognized in Banff & Lake Louise. The Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum, for example, hosts cultural performances and an outstanding collection of First Nations artwork. 

Art Galleries

Visit galleries featuring talented local artists to peruse and maybe purchase an artwork. You can also explore the historical work of iconic artists in collections held at the Whyte Museum and the Willock and Sax Gallery. 

Historic Sites and Museums

As Canada’s oldest national park, Banff National Park has preserved its classic historic and cultural sites for visitors to discover. Immerse yourself in a history as rich and complex as the landscapes of Banff & Lake Louise by visiting historic sites and museums, including the Banff Park Museum, the Cave and Basin Historic Site and Whyte Museum.