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Arts & Culture

Exploring the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies
Devaan Ingraham
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies

Arts & Culture in Banff and Lake Louise

You will find new stories in Banff and Lake Louise. Stories caught on film. Sculpted in stone. Spoken, written, fashioned in paint, pixels and printer’s ink. Stories that reflect the incredible grandeur that surrounds this UNESCO Heritage Site.

Banff and Lake Louise’s arts, culture and heritage spaces, exhibits and expressions capture contemporary mountain voices and speak to the diversity and universality of human creativity.


Visit multiple galleries featuring talented local artists. Explore the historical work of iconic artists in collections held at the Whyte Museum​ of the Canadian Rockies and the Willock & Sax Gallery. Visit the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum to see an outstanding collection of First Nations artwork. Watch for outdoor sculptures and murals in Banff’s public spaces.


First Nations have, for centuries, lived on, travelled through and celebrated the land that became Banff National Park. Look closely and you’ll see their rich history and connection to the Canadian Rockies everywhere in Banff and Lake Louise.

Banff National Park, Canada’s oldest, most iconic park, has multiple cultural sites to discover. Immerse yourself in a history as rich and complex as the landscape. Visit historic sites and museums, including Cave & Basin National Historic Site.  Explore the Town’s side streets to find the heritage building that housed Alberta’s first premier. Admire the rustic, early 1900s architecture of the Banff Park Museum.

The Banff Culture Collective includes galleries, museums, educators, artists, performers and animators.  There is a vibrant arts, cultural, heritage and natural history scene worth visiting again and again. 

The Banff Centre For Arts And Creativity

The Banff Centre For Arts and Creativity is one of Canada’s most recognized art and cultural institutions. It hosts contemporary art exhibitions, art classes, and workshops, and looks forward to future theatre, music and dance performances, operas and film.

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