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Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Larry Shiu, Cascade Mountain, Banff National Park © John Price

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

October 28 - November 5, 2017

Every fall the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival shares tales of enthralling journeys and ground-breaking expeditions told by authors, photographers, adventurers, and filmmakers from around the world. Whether you’re a hardened explorer or armchair traveller, the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival will captivate and kindle your spirit for adventure and the mountains. Explore far off lands, spark your imagination, and delve deep into the profound and often life-changing stories. You’re sure to leave feeling moved and inspired. 

To forget for a while that you are in front of a screen, and to feel that you are in the mountains, listening to those magic sounds and breathing fresh air. Isn’t that a nice alternative to the daily routine? – Explore and Share Blog

Recognized as the world’s premier adventure filmmaking event, the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival was started by The Banff Centre in 1976 and has been held every year since. It showcases the films and stories of adventurers from around the world, focusing on adventure sports, mountain culture, and the environment. 

Watch the 2016 Film Festival Trailer.

In Banff

What better place to celebrate mountain culture and travel than in Banff, right in the heart of the Canadian Rockies? Every fall, filmmakers, artists, authors, athletes, and enthusiastic fans converge for a celebration of mountains and adventure. During the Festival, The Banff Centre and town of Banff host a huge assortment of film screenings, lectures, and discussion events. There is a small cost to attend.

More information can be found here.

Rita Taylor

World Tour

If you are not able to make it to Banff for the Festival you can still immerse yourself in the inspiring stories of adventure and travel. Each year, the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour shows a selection of the Festival’s films in cities and towns around the world. 

More information about the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, including the tour schedule, can be found here.