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The Real Banff / Published: Thu, 05/31/2018 - 15:37

4 Horseback Adventures In Banff National Park

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Travelling through the prairies into the Canadian Rockies may have you feeling like you’ve rediscovered the Wild West. And for the day (or even overnight), you can live like a local… circa 1880. Explore the untouched wilderness of Banff National Park by horseback and discover what it would have been like to travel with nothing but your horse and your pack. 

Start your day by acquainting yourself with your new travel companion; allow your guide to introduce you to your horse and help you mount into your saddle. From here you’ll depart on your choice of an hour, half-day, full-day, or overnight trip.  

Hour trail rides give you time to get to know your horse and are an excellent choice for beginners. If you’ve never ridden before and are looking to test the waters or shake off a little rust, this is definitely the trip for you. Some providers also offer wagon rides; so if you aren’t quite ready to tackle a ride on your own yet, consider this your backup option. 

Half day to full day trips allow you ample opportunity to take in the scenery of Banff or Lake Louise. These trips venture a little further into the alpine and may even surprise you with a wildlife spotting. Several options exist for those looking to spend a little more time horseback including trails that end with a BBQ cookout or at backcountry teahouses. 

Horseback riders make their way through the alpine above Banff and Lake Louise, AB

Can’t get enough of your newfound equine friendship? Enhance your holiday with a multi-day backcountry journey or plan your entire stay in the company of your trail riding crew. Continue indulging yourself in the rustic feel by choosing a camping trip or spoil yourself and opt for a backcountry lodge, either way, you won’t regret this holiday. Hearty home-cooked meals will prep you for a day of riding ahead and welcome you back after a successful day on a more technical trail. 

Visit during the winter and experience a cozy horse-drawn carriage or sleigh ride along idyllic lakes and rivers. Take in the wonders of Banff and Lake Louise during the day or a falling night’s sky while cuddling up to your loved ones.  

Immerse yourself in the true Albertan way and book your horseback tour with Banff Trail Riders, Brewster Mountain Pack Trains, or Timberline Tours. While outfitter clothing is not required, it would make for an awesome photo and souvenir of your cowboy adventures. Stop into Lammle’s, Banff Trail Riders, or Banff Western Outfitters for your authentic cowboy hat, plaid, and boots. 

All trips are led by experienced guides and many can be customized to your group. Booking ahead is encouraged to secure your spot. 

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