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Tail to Cocktail at Park Restaurant
The Real Banff / Published: Wed, 03/20/2019 - 13:24

9 Ways To Eat Healthy In Banff

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Banff National Park truly has it all.

It has the beauty, the adventure, the nature, but it also has the food.

Want a bone-warming cocktail after a day on the slopes? Park Distillery has got you covered. Or a perfectly cooked steak for that post-hike hunger? Chuck’s Steakhouse is your answer.

But the culinary scene isn’t just for the average foodie. It’s also for the healthy foodie. You know, those green juice-drinking, yoga pant-wearing, plant-eating subspecies? The ones who get abnormally excited when they spot a farmer’s market? Those people, my people, also have a place in Banff. In fact, I can think of 9 places where they can get their fix of local kombucha on tap, sourdough bread and organic tea. And that’s just off the top of my head!

So before you start stocking up on your fair-trade, organic protein bars to survive your next trip to Banff, allow me to showcase 9 awesome destinations in Banff National Park for the health nut in all of us.

1. Wild Flour Bakery

If you’re visiting Banff, you must pay a visit to Wild Flour Bakery. Be prepared to have a hard time picking what to eat! All of their pastries and homemade breads are made from organic, local ingredients with plenty of gluten-free, vegan and special-diet options. If you’re a bread connoisseur, don’t leave without trying some of their homemade sourdough! 

People enjoying food and drink in a restaurant
Noel Hendrickson

2. Nourish

If you’re a health nut, you must pay a visit to Nourish, Banff’s famous vegetarian restaurant. Serving up plant-based delicacies like vegan nachos and homemade kombucha on tap, you will likely find yourself going back to Nourish more than once during your stay. 

Nourish Bistro, Banff National Park

3. Whitebark Café

If you’re a coffee snob like I am, you’ll love Whitebark Café. Located in the Banff Aspen Lodge, this quaint coffee shop also serves up fair-trade, organic coffee roasted in nearby Vancouver. Grab a cup to go and head over to nearby Vermillion Lakes to catch the sunrise while sipping on your brew.

Whitebark Cafe, Banff National Park

4. Three Ravens

This is a not-to-miss restaurant on The Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity’s campus. Three Ravens' focus is on fresh, seasonal ingredients but they also have a fabulous vegetarian and vegan menu so fear not veggies, there’s a dedicated menu for you too! 

Three Ravens, The Banff Centre, Banff National Park

5. Banff Farmer’s Market

Running every Wednesday from early June to October, it’s definitely worth stopping at the Banff Farmer’s Market to check out the selection of local product and homemade treats. The perfect place to grab a snack before heading out on an adventure! 

Farmer's Market, Banff National Park

6. Juniper Bistro

The only thing that might top the view at The Juniper Bistro​ is its spectacular food. Whether you go for brunch, lunch or dinner, you can expect the freshest ingredients prepared with care and local inspiration. 

Juniper Bistro, Banff National Park
Juniper Hotel

7. Sleeping Buffalo

You can’t visit Banff without trying some local Alberta beef. It doesn’t get anymore local than Sleeping Buffalo Dining Room at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge that is serving up Canadian-Inspired dishes made using the freshest, local Alberta Meat. If you go overboard on the food, stay the night to sleep it off!  

Buffalo Mountain Lodge, Banff National Park
Buffalo Mountain Lodge

8. Banff Tea Company

We all need a souvenir to bring home to our health nut friends. This is where Banff Tea Company will become your saving grace. This local teashop blends local ingredients with tea in their in-house studio. The Alberta Rose Black Tea will impress all of your friends who wish they had been on your trip!

Banff Tea Co., Banff National Park

9. Storm Mountain Lodge

You’ve never seen healthy food look like this! This farm-to-table restaurant, nestled in the mountains at Storm Mountain Lodge will fill up both your tummy and your soul. A healthy and creative twist on comfort food, your dishes are prepared so beautifully, it feels like you’re eating art. Don’t miss the cheese and charcuterie board made with local ingredients. 

BONUS: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

If you care what you put in your body, you probably care what you put on it! This requires a stop at the Rocky Mountain Soap Company in downtown Banff to test out their local, homemade bath and beauty products made with 100% natural ingredients. Try not to walk out with the entire store…I dare you! 

Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Banff National Park
Rocky Mountain Soap Company

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