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Snowshoeing in Marvel Pass, Banff National Park
Mike Seehagel / Travel Alberta
The Real Banff / Published: Mon, 10/19/2020 - 10:54

9 Reasons Why You'll Love Winter in Banff National Park

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Are you a winter person? If the answer is no, Banff National Park could change your mind. 

The first dusting of snow in Banff and Lake Louise still sets butterflies loose in the stomachs of many locals. It heralds fresh opportunities for adventure and unique experiences. Are you ready to bundle up and dive into the magic of winter?  

1. Warm Woolen Mittens 

Whether it’s a favourite jacket or a pair of fluffy snow boots, the right winter clothing can make you feel like a cozy Hudson Bay model with a minimum of effort. The opportunities to accessorize are endless, with scarves, mittens, and earmuffs available to complement your outfit. Plus, who can resist a Christmas sweater? Plan ahead and ensure you’re dressed warmly enough for our epic alpine weather. 

2. All the excuses for comfort food 

Comfort food is especially soothing in winter. Steaming bowls of soup, s’mores packed with melting chocolate, and gourmet mac and cheese are a few of our favourite belly-warmers on a snowy day. With an abundance of restaurants to choose from, let us guide you with some of our favourites.

3. Tromping through the snow 

You can splash through puddles and crunch over fallen leaves, but tromping through snow lends a special sense of adventure. Once you have the snuggly jacket and boots, there is something romantic about bundling up and taking a walk through a world freshened by fluffy snowfall.  

Check the weather forecast, choose your tromping outfit for warmth as well as style, and grab some spikes for your shoes if the paths are known to be slippery.  

Family enjoying a sunny day in Banff
Devaan Ingraham

4. Those festive vibes 

We dare you not to think of the holidays when you see lights twinkling across the snow. The festive season means delicious food, quality time spent with family, time off work, and a chance to indulge – these tick all our boxes for the most wonderful time of the year. No matter where you’re from, the joy of the festive season is yours to relish in Banff and Lake Louise.  

5. Timeless winter fun 

Ever wanted to whisk across the snow in a husky-drawn sled? How about ice skating on a frozen lake, or gliding through a snow-frosted forest on cross-country skis? All the above are classic winter experiences for a reason; they get you up close and personal with the magic of winter. 

Dogsledding along the Great Divide Trail in Banff National Park, AB

6. Snow-laden evergreens 

On a snow tromping adventure in Banff and Lake Louise, you’ll be greeted by picturesque treescapes at every turn. Evergreens laden with frosty white gold are the perfect backdrop for your annual family photo, and you might even encounter a snow ghost if you venture to a higher altitude. Don't worry, they're not the spooky kind - snow ghosts refer to trees completely enveloped in snow that take on fabulous, otherwordly shapes. 

7. Snowboarding, skiing, or après  

The two vital ingredients for snowboarding are mountains and snow. One is year-round, but when the other starts falling it is time to get jazzed for the total liberation of flying across the mountain. If riding or skiing is not your jam, fear not – après is all-inclusive. Who can resist a cheeky shot of Baileys in their hot chocolate? 

8. A fresh start 

A blanket of snow makes you feel like a fresh start is within your reach. It’s not about covering things up – it’s the sensation of being gifted with a blank canvas, where you can begin something exciting. Snow muffles sound, makes things sparkle, and shows you that there’s a world of opportunity at your fingertips.  

A forest is covered in a fresh blanket of snow that has not yet been touched. Sun beams down through snow covered trees and a snow-capped mountain can be seen in the background
Devaan Ingraham

9. Chill out and feel alive 

Crisp temperatures mean you have all the more reasons to snuggle up with your loved one on the couch watching Home Alone, soak in a bubble bath, or curl up with a book and a blankie in your favourite armchair.  

The interior of a cozy wooden cabin is lit with an indoor fireplace and there is wine and food on a table in front of the leather sofa
Nick Fitzhardinge

When you walk outside, the fresh air kisses your cheeks, enlivens your spirit, and reminds you that you’re living on nature’s terms when you visit Banff National Park. Always plan ahead, check the temperature, and dress appropriately for winter in the mountains. 

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