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A family tubes on the snowy slopes of Banff and Lake Louise, AB
The Real Banff / Published: Wed, 02/17/2021 - 18:56

5 Snowy Activities You Can Still Enjoy in March

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March is a glorious time in the mountains of Banff National Park. Longer days and warmer temperatures don't come at the cost of snow - you can plan an adventure-packed holiday filled with these must-do activities. 

1.    Snowshoe tours

If you’re not a skier but want to know what all the fuss is over “first tracks” through “fresh pow”, this is your opportunity to experience the feeling of being the first to wander into new fallen snow. 

When stepping into snowshoes for your first time, you might feel a little silly (their large surface area helps to keep you above snow), but that feeling will disappear as you set off to uncover a bounty of untouched powder in the gorgeous scenery. The best part is, you won’t need any experience to get started.

Book a guided tour through White Mountain Adventures, Great Divide Nature Interpretation and Discover Banff Tours and you’ll be taken directly to the best “powder stashes” Banff and Lake Louise have to offer.

Snowshoeing in Banff National Park
Devaan Ingraham

2.    Tubing

Tubing is guaranteed fun for the whole family. Be transported to the top of Mt. Norquay’s tube park via a magic carpet (just like an outdoor travellator), choose your lane, sit down, and enjoy the ride. A friendly push from tube park staff will have you zooming back down to the bottom with uncontrollable laughter. Book your preferred time with Mt. Norquay before the tube park closes in early April (with seasonal conditions permitting).  

3.    Johnston Canyon Icewalk

Through every season, Johnston Canyon lives up to its reputation as one of Banff’s most iconic and must-see natural wonders. During summer, unsuspecting streams turn into gushing waterfalls that twist and turn through this majestic rock formation. By winter, waterfalls become breathtaking frozen sculptures carved by Mother Nature, and trickles become icicles that catch the light and take your breath away. Though this trail is temporarily closed for public access, join White Mountain Adventures and Discover Banff Tours to enjoy a private and exclusive guide through Johnston Canyon – hot chocolate included.

Johnston Canyon in Winter

4.    Dog sledding

Dashing through the snow, you’ll be laughing all the way at the reins of a dog sledding adventure. This activity is the perfect way to be boosted into spring with a wave of adrenaline that’s seemingly everlasting.

Many aspiring travellers dream from far and wide about this iconic and truly Canadian experience, able to be lived here in Banff National Park. Book a tour with Snowy Owl or Kingmik Dog Sled Tours to secure your spot before dog sledding season winds up in early April. 

5.    Sleigh rides

If you’d prefer to let someone else steer while you sit back, relax, and take in the snowy landscape, let Brewster Mountain Adventures or Banff Trail Riders be your guides. Until early April, watch the sun cast a mesmerizing glow while it sets over Lake Louise or Cascade Mountain – all from a horse-drawn sleigh; it’s hard to think of a more picture-postcard setting.

Every day in March brings more hours of daylight, but with spring fast-approaching, plan ahead and be sure to tick off these must-do experiences before April is here.   

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