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Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours

Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours

Harness your dreams with the renowned Snowy Owl team! Our mission is to educate, entertain and provide our guests with a once in a lifetime experience! We employ the most qualified instructors, the friendliest and most beautiful, authentic touring huskies who all receive the best possible dog care. We provide guests with the safest tour offerings, all while ensuring the utmost comfort and superior attention to customer service and detail. Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours excels in its commitment to offer the most genuine dog sledding experience in the Canadian Rockies. We offer fun, educational and interactive programs winter and summer! In winter enjoy tours from 2hr to overnight excursions! We offer guests the amazing opportunity to drive their very own team of husky heroes following closely behind one of our instructors, exclusive sled configurations and signature packages to suite any type of occasion! All tours include an entertaining introduction and instruction to the sport of dog sledding, how to drive a dog team safely and confidently as well as information on the traditional breeds of sled dogs in our pack! Enjoy plenty of interaction time with our happy husky heroes, cozy camp fires, hot beverages and sweets and on our extended programs a Native Canadian lunch cooked fire side! In summer enjoy an up close and personal visit with our husky heroes! Meet our pack and learn the differences between the 6 traditional breeds of sled dogs in our facility that make up our 4-legged family! We promote and teach ethical dog care and dog sledding and share the operations of our company with our visitors! Finish up with our baby huskies for a play and cuddle! Why is the Snowy Owl Experience so unique? We provide humane dog care to our husky team focusing on respect: we have always emphasized the importance of our four-legged team being friends first and work associates second. At Snowy Owl we promote and practice ethical dog care and dog sledding! Our core group of lead instructors have combined experience of over 70 years in the dog sled touring and expedition industry. Feel at ease knowing that your tour is being led by industry experts. In addition to being certified in First Aid and CPR, all of our instructors receive extensive training where they learn about each dog on two different levels, before they even step foot on a sled. On a personal level each instructor and husky must create a lasting bond that is based on love and respect. We establish these bonds by becoming a reliable source of love and care as well as focusing on each husky as an individual. From a working perspective, this includes name, age, family and breed history, feed and hydration needs, dog team position, harness size, work ethic, disposition, and veterinary requirements. Our company celebrates friendly, pure touring huskies which are the real heroes of our team and the real roots of the sled dog sport. Our crew is highly respected in working with the historic Seppala Siberian sled dog, the beautiful Siberian husky, the mysterious Canadian Indian Husky, the traditional Canadian Inuit Husky, and powerful Alaskan Malamute. In the touring industry the authentic pure breeds are, in many ways, more beneficial when compared to the cross bred racing huskies. Our dog training program is focused on acceptance amongst each other in order to create the most responsive, reliable and trustworthy teams. Power and speed can be fun, however when uncontrolled can be dangerous. We focus on real, outdoor training where socialization within the team, responding to commands, and real trail situation are of the utmost importance. Professionally groomed and well maintained mountain trail systems to ensure guest and husky safety at all times and to suit all weather and snow conditions. Take comfort knowing we take great care in providing you with the safest experience. Our professional and knowledgeable reservations team offers you personalized service based on your specific needs and requests. We provide you with the highest level of customer service to ensure that you have the best possible experience, prior to and even after your dog sledding adventure. Travel in comfort in our durable handcrafted sleds lined with 4 inches of foam padding, cozy Pendleton blankets and a water and wind resistant sled bag with safety buckles. Our equipment is examined daily by our lead instructors to ensure that everything, including the breaks, lines, sled, harnesses, snub line, and snow hook are in proper working order. Our sled configurations are based on what our happy sled dogs can respectably pull. It is not our goal to profit from overloaded sleds at the risk of compromising the safety of our guest and huskies. We provide our guest with an informative introduction and instruction session at the beginning of every tour as opposed to learn-as-you-go methods. We understand that learning to drive a dog team is important and crucial to you prior to actually participating in the sport, providing you with a much more enjoyable and safer experience, before the sleds are actually moving! In addition to many other fabulous amenities, we supply guest with a simple and warming camp fire on all our programs! This allows guests to gather round a cozy camp fire as they sip their hot beverage and delicious snack or lunch! Guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Spray Lakes and exciting stories from our expert Instructors! Our husky heroes sport beautiful, comfortable sled dog uniforms! They truly are stunning in their custom, top of the line collars and harnesses! We provide first class round trip transportation in our spacious 2011 Mercedes Sprinter vans! Since our visitors are coming dressed for cold temperatures, we know how essential it is to provide a relaxing and comfortable trip to and from our dog sledding area! 'Snowy Owl - where quality and ethics matter!'


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Snowy Owl Sled Dog ToursSnowy Owl Sled Dog ToursSnowy Owl Sled Dog Tours

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