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Banff Children's Festival

Banff Children's Festival

May Long Weekend, 2017

Unleash your children’s creativity and rekindle your own at the annual Banff Children’s Festival hosted by the renown centre for inspiring creativity, The Banff Centre. Inspired by children’s intrinsic imagination and playfulness, the Festival encourages participants of all ages to discover and enjoy the arts.

It is a journey into the world of contemporary creativity, and you must be a child between the ages of 0-100 to enjoy the ride! – Jen Mizuik, Director of Visual and Digital Art at The Banff Centre

A variety of free events, workshops and shows are offered throughout the day. Get in touch with your clownish side by learning acrobatics and juggling with the Green Fool’s circus school, learning to dance the salsa, and climbing high during family fitness classes. If using paintbrushes and pastels sounds more like you, one of the many art workshops on offer are sure to get you inspired. Or, take a break from the playing by watching one of the Festival’s theatre, musical, or comedy performances. 

Learn more at The Banff Centre's website.