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Banff and Lake Louise For Couples

You couldn’t help but laugh at the silliness of the situation. Neither of you really knew how to skate, and you were doing more slipping and sliding than gliding. You took his hand into yours, figuring it would be easier to stay upright if you held on to one another. The sun was setting behind the mountains surrounding Lake Louise and the frozen lake shone in the golden light as you continued skating and stumbling together. Finally the sun disappeared and a chill descended. Time to hit the hot tub.

Banff and Lake Louise are great locations for a romantic getaway, offering year-round activities, a range of accommodation and dining options, hot springs and spas, and immersion in breathtaking natural beauty.

Whether it’s a weekend escape, an anniversary, honeymoon or a marriage proposal the Rocky Mountains are the perfect place to visit with your sweetheart. Audrey and Jack from

Take each other ice skating at sunset on the iconic Lake Louise, and afterwards relax inside by a crackling fire. Explore one of the many secluded hikes in Banff National Park to share the experience of camping under the stars together. Enjoy delicious food and drinks and dance all night. Banff are Lake Louise are perfect to share with your loved one. 

Things to do

Banff and Lake Louise are home to many activities that are fun for couples to experience together. During the winter, take a fairy-tale ride on a horse-drawn sleigh or dog sled, snuggled up together under a warm blanket, or make powder eights on the local ski resorts. Soak sore muscles and unwind together by visiting one of the luxurious spas or hot springs in town. For a truly relaxing experience try taking a couples' massage

In the summer, horseback ride into the high country and spend a night in a rustic backcountry lodge, or rent a canoe and paddle on one of the many pristine lakes in the area. Take a trip of the lifetime by heli-hiking in the glorious alpine of Banff National Park – while you are gone the guides will set up a champagne picnic for just you and your partner to enjoy in the midst of the Canadian Rockies. Or, learn something new together on a local guided sightseeing tour.


You don't need to venture far to find peace and quiet together in Banff and Lake Louise. Take a mini road trip down the Icefields Parkway in the summer and explore the secluded spots off the side of the road with your partner. At sunset, take a gondola ride into the alpine to watch the sun paint the mountain peaks and valleys beautiful shades of orange and pink. Another magical place at sunset are the Vermilion Lakes, just near the town of Banff. 

Snowshoeing, Bow Lake, Banff National Park
Noel Hendrickson
Bow Lake

Plan Your Stay

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