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Heather Jean Jordan & Caitlin Connelly - Music @ The Juniper

Heather Jean Jordan & Caitlin Connelly - Music @ The Juniper

Celebrating music in the mountains at the Juniper Hotel & Bistro.

Music @ The Juniper's Spring 2024 series opens with Bow Valley’s own folky singer-songwriters, Heather Jean Jordan & Caitlin Connelly!

Your Music @ The Juniper experience includes flavours, sights and sounds curated by talented musicians and culinary professionals.

Event Overview

March 28, 2024
7:30 - 9:15 pm
Juniper Hotel & Bistro
$25 General Admission
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Heather Jean Jordan, a Banff-based singer-songwriter, weaves operatic vocals and folk influences into her original music, drawing inspiration from the landscape and stories of the prairies. Her debut album, "Some Dappled Night," released in 2023, explores mythic themes and earthly concerns with soaring vocals reminiscent of Judy Collins.

Meanwhile, Caitlin Connelly, a nomadic Rocky Mountain artist, crafts emotion-filled folk songs rooted in her experiences from canyons to break-ups, with a lifestyle that spans from Banff to Bali. Currently working on her third album, "Death + Other Endings," she enchants audiences worldwide with candid performances that warm hearts in venues ranging from living rooms to festivals.


$25 - General Admission

An optional pre-concert dinner add-on from the Juniper Bistro is available

Suggested arrival time for dinner - between 5:00-6:00 PM to allow for time to dine and to walk from the Juniper Bistro to the performance space (Kiguli Ballroom) by concert start time of 7:30 PM.

À la carte pre-concert drinks / cocktails / hot & cold beverages / appetizers / dinner options from the Bistro also available - Advance table reservation strongly encouraged.

Bar service will be available before and after every concert, as well as during intermission.

Tickets at the door are subject to availability.

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