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Ron James: Not Nearly Done Yet

Ron James: Not Nearly Done Yet

Hailed by audiences and critics from coast to coast, Ron James has been selling out theatres in Canada for twenty-five years. This verbal gymnast marries a comedian’s eye for satire with a writer’s ear for language, taking fans on a non-stop two-hour roller coaster ride, that cuts a wide swath through contemporary culture with an affably subversive razor-sharp wit and a poetically charged delivery.

This show is an eclectic collection of ‘fresh out of the wrapping’ brand new material and road honed classics that sees our Canadian Everyman of, ‘a million words and a million laughs’ (Globe & Mail), valiantly striving to preserve his sanity in a post pandemic world of ever shifting terra-firma.

Whether regaling his audience with stories of classroom antics from a childhood gone, or the mortality fears of once bullet proof aging Baby Boomers, now but ‘ten years away from roaming The Home in their Led Zeppelin onesies, just another sing a long away from taking a Stairway to Heaven’, Ron has something for everybody. By weaving a colourful tapestry of relatable topics dealing with everything from midlife dating, hell bound tropical vacations, camping in grizzly country, family, divorce, death, micro dosing magic mushrooms, the rise of robots, arthritis, yoga class and frightening plastic surgery, ‘Not Nearly Done Yet’ delivers a solid evening of laughs, proving beyond a doubt why this comedian is in a league of his own.

Event Overview

Jun 1, 2024
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Jenny Belzberg Theatre
Assigned Seating $70
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