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Giant Snow Sculptures on Bear Street during SnowDays Festival.
SnowDays Festival

Snow Sculptures

Talented artists from around the world converge to carve massive blocks of snow into intricate and imaginative creations during the SnowDays festival. Each sculpture tells a unique story and the transition from snowy canvas to work of art is a sight to see. Grab a hot drink, bundle up and follow the trail of snow sculptures throughout downtown Banff from the Whyte Museum, to Bear Street and Banff Avenue Square.

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Event Overview

Returning Jan, 2025
Multiple Locations
Free Event

2024 Snow Sculptures Theme - "Small Wonders of Banff"

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Banff National Park's tiniest creatures brought to life as giant sculptures with our theme, "Small Wonders of Banff." This theme celebrates the intricate beauty of nature's smallest inhabitants, inviting artists and teams to design and sculpt the park's charming critters into magnificent, larger-than-life, snow sculptures. Each sculpture captures the essence of these small wonders, bringing their vibrant spirit to life in the form of snow.