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Spring Equinox Cacao Circle

Spring Equinox Cacao Circle

Elevate your 'say hello' to Spring at the Rimrock Resort Hotel, where you come together for a special Cacao Ceremony. They welcome Spring with the arrival of the Vernal Equinox. "Vernal" - meaning new, and "Equinox" - meaning equal parts day and night. They invite you to sit in a circle with them to celebrate the change of seasons with ceremonial Cacao, movement + sound. Their ceremonialist, Valerie Atkinson of Vita Lux Alchemy, will guide you through a Cacao practice that will open your heart and soul. This is a safe space to try something new, connect with others, and feel alive!

Event Overview

Mar 20, 2023
7pm - 9pm
Rimrock Resort Hotel Spa
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