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Fishing in Banff and Lake Louise is a great way to spend a warm summers day relaxing in the beautiful scenery of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Paul Zizka

Fishing in Banff and Lake Louise

Fishing is an especially tranquil way to experience the pristine landscape surrounding Banff and Lake Louise. Home to some of the most picturesque waters in the world, the fish-filled lakes, rivers, and streams are renowned for their high-quality fishing as well as their memorable scenery. Fishing can be enjoyed year-round, and explored on your own or with one of the many experienced guide outfitters.

Fishing in the summer 

Cool off in the summer by fly fishing on the Bow River or in the deeper waters of glacial-fed lakes. If you are lucky you might hook a trophy-sized trout (rainbow and brown trout are found in local lakes and rivers) or a Jumbo Rocky (Rocky Mountain whitefish). Guided trips are available in half-, full-, or multi-day excursions and include equipment, permits, transportation, and meals. 

In my fly-fishing world... it’s still the high alpine lakes of the Canadian Rockies that excite me the most – Andrew Hardingham of Crowfoot Media

Popular fishing locations include the upper Bow River, which is known worldwide amongst anglers for opportunities to catch lunker (large) trout, and Lake Minnewanka, located a few minutes from Banff. 

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing in the winter months between December and April is a unique way to spend a day quite literally chilling out with friends and family. Don’t be discouraged by the cold – booking with a guided outfitter will ensure you’re set up with all the fishing gear and warm clothing you might need as well as a heated hut on the ice to relax in. Spray Lakes are a popular ice fishing location. 


Anyone fishing must have a fishing permit. Permits can be acquired from the Parks Canada offices in the Banff and Lake Louise townships. You must also abide by the seasonal fishing restrictions and catch quotas found.

For more information on fishing in the national park and permits visit Parks Canada

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