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Anthony Redpath, Travel Alberta

Heli Hiking

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Fly amongst the mountain peaks and glaciers then start your hike high in the alpine. 

Imagine hopping onto a helicopter and soaring high above Banff National Park, gazing down on glistening lakes, rugged peaks, and imposing glaciers, before touching down and starting your hike in the alpine wonderland. 

Heli hiking offers you the chance to reach the wildest and highest locations in comfort. An exhilarating helicopter flight will sweep you over some of the most stunning mountain scenery in the world, and then you’ll be dropped off in the alpine, far from any other hikers or sign of civilization, to trek through the wilderness.​

Tip: Take a heli hiking adventure in late July to see the alpine wildflowers in full bloom.

Choose how long you want to fly for and the difficulty of your hike: there are a range of options from easy walks through alpine meadows to strenuous treks to mountain summits. 

Alpine High-Fives. Travel AlbertaAnthony Redpath