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Purchase a Banff National Park Online Parks Pass

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In celebration of Canada Day (July 1), Parks Canada offers free admission to all national parks and national historic sites, including Banff National Park. If your visit includes days before and after July 1, purchase two separate passes- one for the period leading up to, but not including July 1, and another beginning July 2. We hope you enjoy Canada Day in Banff National Park.

We will automatically determine the lowest price option for your group, or select "Purchase Discovery Pass" to purchase a pass valid for one year. Banff National Park entry and service fees help support visitor services and facilities. This means that every time you visit, you are investing in the park — and in a legacy for future generations.

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Purchase your Banff National Park Pass online

Our park pass checkout will automatically determine the lowest price option for your group.
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Terms & Conditions

  • Your National Park Pass is issued under the Canada National Parks Act.
  • Your printed Discovery Pass must be displayed on the left side of vehicle dashboard.
  • A Discovery Pass is not for commercial use and is non-transferable.


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