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Shopping in Banff and Lake Louise

The town is alive with people, wandering along the streets, admiring the sights, and meeting for coffee. You explore the main avenue, strolling and window shopping as you sip a perfect latté, then turn down a side street lined with art galleries and speciality shops. Spotting a gleaming pair of western boots on display, you delve into the store to try them on – they’d be the ultimate memento of your trip to the Canadian Rockies.


The town of Banff has a wide variety of shops, with everything from big brand clothing and technical outerwear, to local art and must-have souvenirs. Spend time on Banff Avenue browsing the latest in men’s and women’s fashions, or make a quick stop to pick up some new gear on the way to your next adventure. Explore the shops selling genuine Canadian goods, sports equipment, and gifts for everyone on your list and don’t miss Canada’s largest, year-round Christmas store for a festive experience in any season.

Bear Street in Banff town offers shoppers a creative and laid back feel. Wander through the eclectic mix of art galleries, bike shops, and health and wellness stores. You’ll also find true Canadian treasures in original art, handcrafted jewellery, native crafts and souvenirs – all perfect for taking home to friends and family.

A selection of grocery, liquor, and convenience stores in Banff and Lake Louise carry everything you need to fully stock your hotel room or condo, or to help you pack a picnic lunch. If you have a special occasion while you’re here, there are specialty stores selling all the essentials, from florists, bakeries and wine stores, to sweet shops and party supply stores.

Lake Louise

While Banff offers the greatest variety and number of stores, the hamlet of Lake Louise has excellent ski and snowboard shops in the resort and a small shopping mall in the village for groceries, liquor, gifts and souvenirs. More shopping can also be found at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

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