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Snowshoeing, Bow Lake, Banff National Park
Noel Hendrickson
Bow Lake

Snowshoeing in Banff and Lake Louise

Winter is a great time to get outside in Banff and Lake Louise. The air is fresh and crisp and the snow-blanketed landscape is so beautiful and quiet. Snowshoeing is a great choice for a fun winter activity because it’s easy to learn, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, fitness levels, and experience.  

Snowshoeing on Bow Lake, Banff National Park
Noel Hendrickson
Bow Lake

Prime snowshoeing season in Banff & Lake Louise is normally late December through to early April. There are many options for routes and trails ranging from short, easy walks around town to backcountry epics. Parks Canada has a long list of trails to try. Some special highlights include the Marsh Loop, a great choice for families, offering expansive views of the Bow Valley and lots of birdlife during the winter; and the Ink Pots via Moose Meadows trail, which takes you through dense forest to brilliantly coloured mineral springs in an open meadow. 

If you don’t have your own pair of snowshoes, there are many places where you can buy or rent a pair in Banff & Lake Louise.

It is important to check the weather and avalanche report before heading out - you don’t need to venture far to be in avalanche terrain. Make sure you’re wearing suitable clothes and carrying food, drink, and extra layers. For more information about winter hiking safety and trails, see the Parks list of Trails Canada website

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