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Vermilion Lakes

Kayaking Vermilion Lakes Banff National Park Noel Hendrickson

Vermilion Lakes

A network of lush marshlands and expansive lakes in the Bow Valley, the Vermilion Lakes are a popular spot for visitors and locals seeking easy solace from the lively town of Banff. Offering spectacular views of Mount Rundle and Sulphur Mountain, the proximity of these lakes to town make them a fantastic place to watch sunrise or sunset, see wildlife, or spend a relaxing day on the shore.

Rent a bike and feel the wind in your hair as you cycle the shoreline, explore the leisurely hiking trails nearby, or hire a canoe, kayak or SUP and paddle across serene waters.

  • Ultimate Sports

    Explore Vermilion Lakes by bike. Take a packed lunch and cycle along the Bow River trail and out onto the Vermilion Lakes Road.
  • Banff Canoe Club

    Discover more of Banff National Park from the water. Jump in a canoe or kayak or on a SUP and paddle up the Bow or on the Vermilion Lakes.
  • Banff Cycle

    Explore the Vermilion Lakes by bike. Ride along the road and pull over at each lake to take in the sights. Rent your bike today!
  • Bow Valley SUP & Surf

    Pick up your SUP from the train station and head a short distance to the Vermilion Lakes. Paddle at sunset for the ultimate end to the day.
  • Discover Banff Tours

    Discover Banff and Its wildlife with Discover Banff Tours. Pick one of their local tours and visit the Vermilion Lakes.
  • Chateau Mountain Sports

    From the Caste of Banff, rent a cycle to make your way to the Vermilion Lakes. Ride to the first, second or even the third lake and discover more.
  • Snowtips Bactrax

    Discover more of the Vermilion Lakes and cruise to the lakes on bike. Grab a picnic and a blanket and enjoy the shores and stunning backdrops of the Vermilion Lakes.
  • SkiBig3 Adventure Hub

    Prepare for a fun day on the water. Head to Banff Avenue before renting a bike to ride to the Vermilion Lakes with your SUP backpack.
To describe the colour in words is pointless, but the views too, more often than not, seem too unreal to believe – Brendan van Son of Brendans Adventures

The lakes are 2.4 kilometres (1.5 miles) from the town of Banff, and easily accessible by walking, cycling, or driving. From Banff or the Trans-Canada highway, access Mt Norquay road. From Mt Norquay road, leaving the town of Banff, turn left onto Vermilion Lakes Road, which will take you alongside all three lakes.


Take some time to relax along the shores of the lake as you enjoy the spectacular views of Mount Rundle. Especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset, locals will tell you to pack a picnic, warm clothing, and blankets, and spend a few hours watching the changing colours of the sky. 

In the winter, you might get lucky and see the magical Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) lighting up the night sky. When the waters of the Vermillion Lakes freeze over, there is a period of time where you have the opportunity to see the beauty of bubble layers in the ice. The shapes are frozen methane bubbles, which form when microbes consume dead organic matter on the bottom of the lake.  


If you’d like to stretch your legs, the Fenland Trail is a leisurely walk that takes hikers on a 2-kilometre (1.2-mile) loop through the marshlands near the Vermilion Lakes. The level trail, mostly on boardwalks and well groomed gravel, starts just off of Mt Norquay road or along Vermilion Lakes Road. As it winds its way through white spruce forests, you might spot some of the wildlife that reside in the marsh, such as moose, elk, beavers, a variety of bird species, and the occasional bear.


See the lakes and scenery from a different perspective by renting a canoe, kayak, or stand up paddleboard. Available for rent by the Banff Canoe Club on Bow Avenue, paddle down the meandering waters of Echo Creek and Forty Mile Creek into the Vermilion Lakes. The slow moving waterways are suitable for anyone to explore by canoe. 

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