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Christmas Shines Brighter Here

Come ignite your spirit

November 18, 2016 - January 1, 2017

You know that vision of the perfect Christmas that resides in your imagination? It has an address – Banff & Lake Louise. 

It begins at the stone huts of the park gates where you swear those were elves greeting you. A million Christmas trees climb the mountain sides, all lovingly decorated by nature. The elk watching from the meadows begin to take on the distinct look of reindeer. Then you turn onto Banff Avenue, where aromas of evergreen boughs fill the air and shimmering lights glow all around, and you find Christmas waiting in its entire splendor. Triumphant mountain silhouettes paint a spectacular backdrop as Santa greets you from his horse drawn carriage. You dance from shop to shop exploring the unique and different, finding the perfect gifts. You stop for a hot chocolate and take in the carolers as they sing one of your holiday favourites. 

You finish off the day gliding on a frozen lake and warming up by a crackling fire. And when you take a moment to gaze up, as snowflakes gently swirl about, you wonder where the shimmering lights end and the stars begin.

Come ignite your spirit this holiday season in Banff and Lake Louise. Kick off the holidays with the Santa Claus Parade in downtown Banff and find the perfect handmade gift at the Banff Christmas Market. View the full Events Listing below to plan out your holiday season. 

  • Santa Claus Parade Day

    There is no better place to celebrate the holiday festivities than the winter wonderland of Banff & Lake Louise.

    The snowy peaks provide the perfect backdrop to the town, as Christmas lights adorn the streets and carollers spread good cheer and song.

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  • Embrace the Season

    There is magic in the air.

    Pull back the snowy white blanket of winter to skate on beautiful frozen mountain lakes, ride a one horse open sleigh or simply stroll the cheerful streets. The endless activities and warm welcome will give you stories to share around a crackling fire for many Christmas' to come.

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  • Banff Christmas Market

    Look for a special gift or a keepsake for yourself at the Banff Christmas Market.

    Held in the charming Warner Stables, enjoy the live entertainment and the fantastic food pairings of Bon Appetit Banff as you browse the gifts inspired by Rocky Mountain culture.

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  • Happy Holidays

    Christmas in the Rockies - there’s simply nothing like it.

    Let your spirit shine brighter as you toboggan the mountainside, cover it with snow angels, or light it up in a torchlight ski parade. Your reward is fresh gingerbread, hot chocolate and the warm glow of a perfect Christmas.

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