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Christmas in Banff and Lake Louise

The annual Banff Christmas Market is held during the Winterstart festival in Banff and Lake Louise, AB
Hubert Kang, Travel Alberta


November 20 - December 31, 2020

Things may look a little different in 2020, but we’ll still be celebrating the holidays in Banff and Lake Louise! Stay tuned for more information – we’re working on the best way to keep visitors and locals safe this festive season.

Discover the holiday spirit in Banff and Lake Louise, where timeless traditions meet inspired festivities. Here you will relish every unforgettable moment with an extraordinary winter retreat in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies. This year is about giving yourself the freedom and time to create meaningful family experiences. In a season filled with a hundred things to do, find the one that truly matters: being present with the ones you love.

The Cheer is Here

Our captivating holiday offerings delight guests of all ages, allowing you to celebrate the season the way you’ve always wanted to. From Christmas at the Castle, meeting Santa on the mountaintop or finding yourself in a chorus of song after a seasonal concert, the spirit of winter joy is infused into a calendar of fun-filled events and activities for the whole family.

Where Holidays Come to Life

Plan a holiday that rejuvenates your spirit! No matter the festivity you’re celebrating, our winter wonderland holds a gift for everyone. A Mountain Christmas could mean you’re savouring the magnificent views of the wild or out exploring it! What matters most is that you’re doing it together. Find fresh terrain skiing Canada’s finest slopes or pamper yourself with a feast at one of our vibrant dining venues; this season is rich with opportunities that will fill your heart and create lifelong memories.

Savour the Season

Incite moments of connection. Things are simply slower here, giving you time to revel in the wondrous beauty of the area and peaceful ambience of the winter season. Cozy up on an enchanting sleigh ride, snowshoe through the incredible mountainscape, breathe deeply under vast, starry skies and share fireside stories over hot cocoa and slices of shortbread. With plenty of space and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and each other, you can create new traditions and celebrate old ones.

A Luminous Celebration

Wake up in winter paradise feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and tune in to the joy of the season. The charms of a quintessential Mountain Christmas are a unique blend of adventure and leisure; bundle up and play in the new dusting of snow outside, or watch it fall as you snuggle up in your cozy cabin. The holidays are a powerful time to come together and share the cheer. This time is for you, make it a merry one!

Plan Your Stay

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