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Backcountry Lodges

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Backcountry lodges offer a very special experience. Spend all day hiking or skiing in the unspoiled backcountry of Banff National Park and then return to the cosy lodge to enjoy gourmet food and a comfortable bed. The next morning, wake up to freshly brewed coffee and a delicious breakfast and get set to do it all again. It’s an adventurer’s bliss in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Backcountry lodges are far off the beaten path and are accessible only via a ski or hike in.

It is a rare commodity these days to escape from the busyness of life and disconnect in the backcountry.Meghan J. Ward, The Real Banff 
The Abbot Pass hut sits perched in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and is an ideal backcountry escape.

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