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The Real Banff / Published: Tue, 08/24/2021 - 08:48

6 Instagram-Worthy Sweet Shops in Banff National Park

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It’s no secret that sweet summer treats pair perfectly with leisurely adventures. And downtown Banff is bursting with ways to experience them both – from easily accessible streets and trails to tantalizing sweet shops. It’s a wonderful way to treat the kids after a family bike ride or cap off your dinner out with friends.

Summer pedestrian zones on Banff Avenue and Bear Street make it even easier to explore by foot. Plus, the best idyllic spots to savour the moment are just steps away – like the Bow River trail, the pedestrian bridge, and Central Park. The entire journey is brimming with Instagram-worthy moments – from the dazzling candy shop walls to the epic Banff Avenue view of Cascade Mountain. You’re indulging in a piece of history, too! Some of these locales have been staples of Banff Avenue for over 20 years.

Whether you’re a diehard choco-holic or a candy aficionado, be sure to check out a few of these tasty pit stops on your next bike ride or stroll exploring downtown Banff.

 1. Banff Sweet Shoppe

If you’ve dreamed of visiting the real-life land of Willy Wonka, the Banff Sweet Shoppe might just be the next best thing. With a vintage vibe, classic wooden shelves, and counters, and an endless selection of your favourite sweets, you may never want to leave. You’ll even find blast-from-the-past treats like PEZ and saltwater taffy.

Teh front of the Banff Sweet Shoppe in Banff, Alberta.

2. Banff Candy Store

Candy connoisseurs will find every treat for their heart’s desire here. This iconic shop boasts an ample selection of candy from around the world, with walls and walls of options - from the favourite classic brands to specialty nostalgic items. You’ll even find handmade offerings like almond bark. There’s something to suit every taste bud here!

3. Old Tyme Candy Shoppe

You’ll find this quaint locale just a short five-minute drive from the epicenter of Banff National Park – Lake Louise! Old Tyme Candy Shoppe is tucked away in the village centre and serves up all your favourite summer treats -  including ice cream, frozen yogurt, fudge, and (of course) candy.

4. The Fudgery

A visit to The Fudgery on Banff Avenue is worth a trip in itself! Watch the confectioners in action as they handcraft specialty treats with finesse, right before your very eyes. Chocolates, truffles, brittles, and more are made daily on-site, which means you’re sure to get the freshest bite.

a candy snowman at the fudgery in Banff

5. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Looking for a decadent collection of Banff’s finest chocolates? Search no further than Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. And you won’t want to miss their other classics – like seafoam, rocky popcorn, and peanut brittle. They make for the perfect unique treat if you’re looking for something extra special.

6. Banff’s Mountain Chocolates

Banff’s Mountain Chocolates truly has it all – from chocolate to fudge, peanut brittle to caramel apples, and even ice cream! The best part? It’s the only sweet shop in Banff that creates every single one of their treats on site. The chocolate bear paws are a classic Banff souvenir (if you have the will to not eat it first)!

A candy maker reaches out a candied apple at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate in Banff.

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