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The Real Banff / Published: Sun, 09/24/2017 - 18:16

Experience Farm To Table Cuisine in Banff and Lake Louise

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In recent years, the farm to table movement has reconnected diners with the source of their food - not only the growers and producers but the chefs and artisans who bring a meal to the table. There’s a growing understanding of seasonality and regionality, and an appreciation for sustainable practices both on the farm and in the kitchen. Food connects people in a way nothing else does, creating roots that run even deeper than dinner - Banff chefs regularly seek out regional producers, learn indigenous cooking techniques and have developed relationships with farmers across the country, helping visitors to the Rocky Mountains recognize what grows well here and learn how to prepare it.

Experiencing Banff National Park includes its vibrant culinary scene - with a strong pride of place, the inspiring chefs, bakers, brewers, and distillers of the small mountain town are contributing to our Canadian culinary identity. Despite our short growing season, they understand what farm to table means when you live in the Rocky Mountains, and present their craft to both locals and guests visiting from around the world.  

- Julie Van Rosendaal, Dinner With Julie   

Check out some of these great restaurants for locally sourced ingredients: 

1888 Chop House - Delivering the best Alberta beef with a menu developed through lasting relationships with local farmers.

Sleeping Buffalo Dining Room & Lounge - Seasonal menu highlighting buffalo and elk raised on the CRMR game ranch, with regionally grown vegetables.  

Chuck's Steakhouse - Featuring a wide range of locally sourced Alberta beef with an on-site, dry age room, all served in a stylish ranch inspired saloon & dining room.

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