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oTENTik, Banff National Park
Parks Canada
The Real Banff / Published: Tue, 01/09/2018 - 00:27

oTENTik camping in Banff National Park

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There is nothing quite like getting close to nature and hanging out by the campfire with good friends. Parks Canada's new oTENTik experience makes it easier than ever.  

oTENTiks are the perfect introduction to camping for families or new campers looking to explore the wonders of Banff National Park. 

A cross between an A-frame cabin and a canvas tent, these units can fit up to six people and come equipped with almost everything you need to enjoy a proper "glamping" experience, including electricity, heat and bunk beds.  

For information or to reserve a site, visit For information on the campgrounds of Banff National Park, please visit Parks Canada.   

Campfire Two Jack Campsite Jake Dyson

In Banff National Park, the oTENTiks are located in the lakeside area of the Two Jack campground, a beautiful setting located just a short drive from downtown Banff. They are also conveniently located at Tunnel Mountain Campground - accessible from the town of Banff by public transit.

Looking to rent some camping gear? Check out the selection of tents and other adventure gear from Snowtips-Bactrax in Banff.  

Please also remember that camping in Banff National Park comes with some important responsibilities on your behalf. Please properly store all food and keep your campsites clean.  

Are you coming to Banff National Park?

Make sure you purchase your Parks Canada Discovery Pass in advance for express entry into the park. All of the details, including frequently asked questions can be found in our Guide To The Parks Canada Pass. ​

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