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The Real Banff / Published: Sun, 09/01/2019 - 12:03

Guide To Your Cozy Cabin Holiday in Banff National Park

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As you walk up to your cabin, it’s everything you could have imagined. 

The snow piles high on the roof, the light glows through the curtains and the deep blue of a mountain evening lingers all around.   

Walking through the door, you’re greeted with the warmth a crackling fire and the overwhelming feeling that you are at home.   

Your tasks for the next few days are straightforward: embrace a hearty day of adventure and then return back to your cozy cabin where you can relish in the perfection of your fire. 

With a variety of cozy cabin-style accommodations in Banff National Park, you’ll finally find a place where you can escape from the rush of a modern world and harken back to a more simple time. 

So where do you begin? 

There are two different styles of cabins are available in Banff National Park. 


Frontcountry cabins are your typical holiday chalet-style. Simply drive your vehicle to the front door and use your cabin as a cozy basecamp for local area adventures. Frontcountry cabins offer a perfect balance of easy access, while also providing the feeling of being off the beaten path. These lodges are great for families, with many offering more space, access to a kitchenette, and plenty of adventures at your doorstep. 



Strap on a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis and make the journey to your backcountry lodge. Although the trip may provide a little more challenge (expect to spend the day on the trail), you can be certain that you’ll enjoy a mountain adventure filled with unparalleled solitude.  



Baker Creek Mountain Resort - 15 minutes from Lake Louise (or 45 minutes from Banff), Baker Creek Mountain Resort offers both single cabin and lodge suite accommodations with a Canadian bistro on-site. 

Castle Mountain Chalets - Located 25 minutes from Banff townsite, Castle Mountain Chalets offers one and two-bedroom cabins with wood-burning stoves. Located minutes away from famous Johnston Canyon. 

Storm Mountain Lodge - Located 30 minutes from Banff townsite on Hwy-93S, Storm Mountain Lodge offers historic log cabins, beautifully refurbished for today. Full-service restaurant located on-site.  

Emerald Lake Lodge - Located just outside of the town of Field, BC, the very cozy Emerald Lake Lodge is lodge built of hand-hewn timber and features private guest rooms on a stunning alpine lake. 

Banff Log Cabin - Only a 10 minute scenic walk to Banff Avenue, Banff Log Cabin is the perfect escape to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. A great option for either a long weekend or a romantic getaway.


Skoki Lodge (closed summer 2020) - 11 km on skis will bring you to historic Skoki Lodge, built in 1931 as a destination for backcountry skiers. 

Sundance Lodge  - 10 km will bring you to the door of Sundance Lodge - Banff’s youngest backcountry Lodge. Enjoy fresh baked goods in the lodge with room for up to 34 guests.   

Explore cozy mountain getaways 

Check out these great images of cozy cabins in Banff National Park, as shared by our online community!

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