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Fireside at the Juniper Bistro, Banff National Park
Juniper Hotel
The Real Banff / Published: Sun, 09/01/2019 - 13:19

5 Ways To Feel "Hygge" in Banff and Lake Louise

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What exactly is “Hygge”? While there is no direct translation to English, Hygge (Pronounced “‘hue-guh”) can be roughly summed up as “the Danish art of cozy”! Think fireplaces, good friends, candle-lit dinners, no cell phones and a big, giant duvet. That’s hygge! 

So grab your wool socks and let us show you our favourite ways to find “Hygge” in Banff National Park. 

1. Start with a sunrise

An essential part of getting your “Hygge” fix begins with savouring the moment. When the morning glow starts to turn fiery orange and the sun crests the mountains - you’ll be transformed. Some essential sunrise spots include: Two Jack Lake, Bow Lake, Vermilion Lakes, The Bow Valley Parkway and Moraine Lake.  

Vermilion Lakes, Banff National Park
Noel Hendrickson
Vermilion Lakes

2. Savour your coffee

Everything about a cup of coffee brings the “Hygge”! It starts with feeling the warmth of ceramic in your hands as you soak in the panoramic mountain views from one of the many unique cafés in Banff National Park. Don't miss: Stock at Fairmont Banff Springs, WhitebarkWild flour and more.

Coffee, Banff National Park

3. Put your feet up by the fire

Cozy and warm with the smell of a fresh fire hanging in the air, curling up by a fireplace might just epitomize the “hygge” experience in Banff and Lake Louise. Lucky for you, there are a number of accommodations that will let you have the wood-burning fireplace experience right in your room!  

Check out Guide To Your Cozy Cabin Holiday in Banff National Park for more inspiration!

Don’t miss: Baker Creek Mountain Resort, Storm Mountain Lodge, Buffalo Mountain Lodge, Hidden Ridge Resort, Tunnel Mountain Resort, Banff Caribou Lodge. For great communal fireplaces, check out: Deer Lodge, Juniper Hotel, Shadow Lake Lodge, Skoki Lodge, Sundance Lodge, Moose Hotel, Rimrock Hotel, The Fox Hotel and Sunshine Mountain Lodge

Baker Creek, Banff National Park

4. Live by candlelight

Don’t forget to include some candles in your emergency Hygge kit! Enjoy a candlelit dinner at one of the many high-end restaurants or lodges in Banff and Lake Louise or shop for locally made candles at some of Banff’s great retail outlets, like Branches Marketplace

5. Share your hygge with friends

A big part of hygge involves being present in the moment. A hygge night around the woodstove, surrounded by candles in your cabin can only be improved with the addition of friends. Take some time to turn off your phone, cozy up and be grateful for an unforgettable experience in the mountains shared with the ones you love. 

Camping at Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park
Sherpas Cinema
Two Jack Lake

This blog's content has been inspired by Nadine Fletcher of Great Divide Nature Tours.

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