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A couple enjoying the warmth of Banff Springs
The Real Banff / Published: Fri, 03/03/2017 - 11:51

Your complete guide to hot springs and spas in Banff National Park

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When visitors arrive in Banff and Lake Louise, there is no doubt that they are awestruck by what they immediately see: Grazing elk, tucked under the shadow of a soaring peak. It’s exactly what you saw on the postcards, but even more spectacular than you could have imagined.  

Archaeologists have discovered evidence that would place humans on the shore of nearby Vermillion Lakes around 10,300 B.P.; likely staring up at the same view you’re enjoying today. 

In 1883, when three rail workers re-discovered the Banff Hot Springs at the base of Sulphur Mountain, it’s unlikely that they could have imagined the legacy that would follow. 

After being designated first as The Banff Hot Springs Reserve, the hot pools would eventually become the catalyst for creating Canada’s first national park. During the late 19th century, “the waters” in Banff became a mecca for those seeking healing properties. 

Even today, the salutary feeling of slipping into a pool filled with water that has been heated and filtered from deep within the crust of the earth is undeniable. 

Visitors to Banff have a nearly unlimited amount of options to seek out these healing properties in the form of modern spa settings or the historic pools themselves. 

Historic Hot Pools 

At 1585m, the Banff Upper Hot Springs are the highest in Canada and still allow visitors the chance to enjoy the healing waters that have been visited by those in The Bow Valley for hundreds of years. Bring your own bathing suit or don a heritage onesie suit for the authentic 1800’s experience. Visit early in the day for the most relaxing dip.   

A couple sitting in an outdoor hot pool with sunlight sparkling through frosted trees
Noel Hendrickson

The Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Banff Springs 

Regularly listed as one of the top spa destinations in the world, The Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Banff Springs offers guests a full spa experience alongside a modern take on the historic Banff hot springs, including three waterfall pools and a European mineral pool.  

Cedar & Sage Co.

Escape to a mountain oasis at Cedar & Sage Co., Banff's only holistic lounge. Located in the heart of downtown Banff, this relaxation spa specializes in massage therapy and also offers acupuncture, yoga, reiki, and more.

The Meadow Spa and Pools 

Unwind in the sauna or soak in mountain views from a rooftop whirlpool while enjoying Banff’s newest spa at The Moose Hotel. The Meadow also offers a full spa experience including massage, facials, and full-body experiences. 

The Red Earth Spa  

Featuring six treatment rooms and a full-service spa, The Red Earth Spa at Banff Caribou Lodge has something for everyone. Explore a variety of rejuvenating packages, including massage therapy and full-body treatments. 

The Grotto Pool and Spa  

Located in The Royal Canadian Lodge, The Grotto Pool and Spa offers a wide array of treatments for those in search of relaxation. Explore their vegan and organic products or try their mineral and salt pools. 

The Rimrock Spa 

Extend the luxury of your stay at The Rimrock and enjoy a menu focused on relaxation and well-being. Registered hotel and spa guests have access to an indoor pool, sauna, and whirlpool. You can also take some time to kick back and unwind on the pool deck with panoramic mountain views.

The Spa at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise 

A visit to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise wouldn’t be complete without a little rejuvenation in the spa. Explore the stunning surroundings of Lake Louise and then enjoy a menu of signature treatments like the Hiker’s Foot Therapy or Ultimate Couples Massage. 

Remedy - Skincare & Spa

Located in the heart of Banff Avenue, Remedy offers a holistic approach to beauty. Choose from a range of specialized services including a De-Stress Package or the Fire & Ice Facial. Enjoy a sorbet or hot drink accompanied by spectacular views post-treatment.

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