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Five Ways to Pamper Yourself in Banff and Lake Louise

Published Date
Mar 4, 2020
Banff Upper Hot Springs, Banff National Park

Canada’s first national park has plenty of activities to fill your days, but sometimes all those breathtaking moments leave you wanting to slow down and relax. You’re on vacation, after all— why not treat yourself. Sink even further into your Rocky Mountain experience by adding a little luxury to your stay. Here are four ways to pamper yourself while in Banff National Park.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

The reason the park even exists as a national treasure at all is because of the legendary Banff Upper Hot Springs. The mineral waters, said to have healing properties that have long attracted visitors to the area, are the perfect way to get into the Banff experience. Nestled at the bottom of Sulphur Mountain, the outdoor pool hovers around 40 degrees Celsius naturally, which makes for an extra treat during cold winter evenings after a day on the slopes, the hiking trail, or strolling downtown. The unbeatable mountain view doesn’t hurt either.

Experience the spa

If you didn’t get your fill of the water at the hot springs, make your way to one of serval amazing spas in Banff and Lake Louise, where you can spend the day enjoying an invigorating and relaxing experience. Follow up your dip with your spa’s signature massage or facial experiences to truly reset. Check out "Your Guide To Spas And Hotsprings In Banff National Park."

Yoga Vermilion Lake Banff Yoga FestivalYoga Vermilion Lake Banff Yoga FestivalYoga Vermilion Lake Banff Yoga Festival

Rocky Mountain Yoga

Pampering yourself means taking care of your body, and days of hiking, skiing, and sightseeing can tense you up. A local favourite, Rocky Mountain Yoga has classes ranging in difficulty, from brisk and challenging, to peaceful and calm. Start sweating in a flow class, or stretch your muscles and meditate during restorative yoga, which will all but put you in a state of total zen. If you're looking for a retreat-style experience, consider checking out The Banff Yoga Festival or one of our other great wellness retreats/events.

Enjoy an indulgent dinner

Don't neglect your tastebuds - Banff and Lake Louise boast a wide variety of excellent restaurants that will pamper your sense of taste. From fine dining to local favourites, you'll find a restaurant that fits your idea of perfect. Take advantage of the gorgeous surrounds and enjoy a meal with a view. Check out 7 Scenic Restaurants in Banff and Lake Louise for some mouthwatering inspiration.

Curl up in a cozy cabin

Take the time to truly unplug at a beautiful cabin in the woods that also happens to provide a four-star experience. With exceptional scenery, a rustic cabin feel, and a dinner menu that shouldn’t be missed, these hidden gems are not to be missed. Check out “Your Guide To A Cozy Cabin Holiday In Banff National Park.”

Devon Murphy