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Summer Itineraries: 3 days of relaxation and bliss in Banff and Lake Louise

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Jan 10, 2022|
People do yoga while overlooking the Banff townsite from the Mt. Norquay lookout.

Close your eyes and breathe in deeply.

Exhale. Let your worries drift away and vanish into the air. Where does your mind wander to bask in a moment that’s all about you?

Is it relaxing by a lakeshore, taking in the peace and serenity? Perhaps you’re meandering through a quiet forest, feeling the textures of tree trunks brushing against your fingertips. Or letting yourself drift off whilst any tension is massaged from your body.

Wherever your imagination takes you, find that place and discover many more with this 3-day guide to wellness and rejuvenation in Banff National Park.

Forest Bathing in Banff National ParkForest Bathing in Banff National ParkForest Bathing in Banff National Park

Day 1: Take time to smell the flowers

When was the last time that, while hiking, you stopped to smell the flowers and be truly immersed in the natural environment that surrounded you?

Taking the time to attune your senses with nature can offer a multitude of health benefits—besides helping you to feel incredibly relaxed. For instance, did you know that trees express phytoncide, an essential oil that has been linked to improved immune health in humans?

Forest Fix will put you at one with nature, teaching you how to reap the benefits of “forest bathing”—or Shinrin Yoku, a Japanese practice translating to ‘taking in the atmosphere of the forest’.

Let them guide you safely into the forest, spending two hours soaking up the healing properties of nature. It’s the perfect way to set the tone for your 3-day journey to wellness in the mountains.

A women relaxes at the spa in Banff and Lake Louise, ABA women relaxes at the spa in Banff and Lake Louise, ABA women relaxes at the spa in Banff and Lake Louise, AB

Day 2: Honour your mind, body and soul

Whether you’re a beginner or all about pushing yourself to new boundaries, book in for a yoga class with Flow State Yoga Studio or Banff Yoga Practice. Start the day with a wake up flow, sign up for a later morning rooftop session or join the yogis for a lunchtime flow or early evening class.

If you've got a taste for heart-pumping activities, drop into Bow Valley Crossfit or Summit Lifestyle & Performance for a session (reach out ahead of time to let them know you're dropping in). For those who have done this before, you know it’s the perfect way to start the day.

Once you've sweated it out, reward yourself with some pampering and body restoration. Massages, facials and more treatments are available at a range of inviting locations in Banff and Lake Louise. The hardest decision of your vacation will be which location and treatment to choose.

After nurturing your mind, body and soul, it’s time to nourish your belly, too. Nourish Bistro’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu is the perfect way to wrap up a day of self-care.

As the sun sets, stroll along Banff’s Bow River Trail with friends, loved ones, or by yourself, to soak in the night sky and fresh air.

Tip: Make sure you book ahead for any yoga or fitness classes to avoid disappointment.

Stand up Paddleboarding, Banff National ParkStand up Paddleboarding, Banff National ParkStand up Paddleboarding, Banff National Park

Day 3: Choose your own peace and tranquillity

Take the morning slow and rise when you’re feeling rested. How do you feel? What does the perfect afternoon spent revelling in that feeling look like to you?

If you’re washed over with calm, try floating on a lake with a stand-up paddleboard, watching the sun set over the mountains. If you’re yearning for more time with nature, consider a medicine walk with Mahikan Trails starting at Cascade Ponds. Eager to test your newfound energy? Why not set out for a day on the trails hiking or biking.

Explore every avenue to wellness and rejuvenation in Banff National Park by visiting our wellness page.

Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

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