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Yoga Vermilion Lake Banff Yoga Festival
Banff Yoga Festival
The Real Banff / Published: Fri, 02/14/2020 - 17:05

Solo Rejuvenation in Banff and Lake Louise

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Let’s face it: life can be busy. Amidst hectic schedules and demands from all sides, we need to plan the odd escape. Sometimes that means leaving it all behind, including travel companions. 

Solo time helps you focus on you. In Banff and Lake Louise, you’ll find a steady stream of spa and wellness experiences, but you can also carve time out for yourself by carving turns down a mountainside. Because everyone has their own idea of what relaxation looks like. 

Here’s how to reset, refocus and rejuvenate in the mountains this spring: 

Day 1: Feel-Good Finds

Check in to your chosen accommodation, maybe a cozy cabin to keep on that retreat theme, and head out for a brisk walk along the Bow River Trail in Banff to shake off the stiffness of your commute. 

En route to dinner, cruise the downtown shops for feel-good gifts for yourself, including loose-leaf teas from Banff Tea Co., all-natural body care and essential oils at Rocky Mountain Soap Company, or crystal products at Kate King Jewelry.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Banff National Park
Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Day 2: Let Nature Set the Pace

Start your day with a latte and muffin at one of Banff’s local coffee shops (you’ll find one on nearly every corner downtown!). For the rest of the morning, get your body moving with an activity of your choice, such as some turns on the slopes, a cross-country ski, or early-season hike. Once you’ve sweated it out, head to the Banff Upper Hot Springs for a midday soak. 

Hiker sat above lake overlooking spectacular mountain view
Paul Zizka

Now that you’ve bathed in mineral water, how about a forest bathing session? Grab a wholesome lunch, try Wild Flour, Nourish, or one of Banff's many cafes and restaurants, then slow the pace down with a guided forest walk with Forest Fix. This will clear away lingering stress, restore your focus, and bring you a sense of calm.

Day 3: Invigorate and Indulge 

Get up for an early morning yoga class as the sun hits Cascade Mountain through the windows at Rocky Mountain Yoga or head to Banff Avenue for Banff Yoga Practice. After a breakfast pick-me-up at White Bark or Stock Food & Drink, treat yourself to time at the spa – yes, we’ve saved the best for last. Banff and Lake Louise have a number of spas to choose from, each hosting a menu of treatments. Indulge in that massage and see life’s worries melt away. 

With nothing else planned, you decide when your spa day is done. Tuck in early with some time keeping cozy inside, glass of wine or cup of tea in hand, and a good book to read or journal to write in. 

You've earned it.

Juniper Bistro

Bonus: Go Retreat-Style

Make it the ultimate weekend getaway by planning your trip around an upcoming retreat:
Retreats at Lake Louise run throughout the spring and include various yoga and mindfulness sessions. “Silencing your inner critic” is just one of them – we could all practice that a bit more!   

The Banff Yoga Festival, May 29-31, 2020, an entire weekend dedicated to yoga, meditation and mindfulness in the mountains.

Check out our Wellness page for more great ideas of how you can unwind and find balance in Banff and Lake Louise.

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