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Filming & Photography in Banff & Lake Louise

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Banff & Lake Louise is full of ruggedly dramatic mountains, vibrantly coloured lakes, and verdant valleys. It is a spectacular setting for photography and filming. 

This guide provides a selection of the most iconic and accessible places to film and shoot in Banff & Lake Louise. It is divided into three locations: 

Permits for commercial filming and photography

As travel media, you may require a film/photography permit, or may need to register your project with Parks Canada through the small scale photo/video project registration process.

Do I Need a Film/Photo Permit or Project Registration?

Most small-scale projects taking place in Banff National Park only require project registration, rather than a film/photo permit. Your project is considered “small-scale” and fits under the registration process if your project meets all of the following criteria.

  • Project is intended to inform audiences about the work of Parks Canada and/or to promote visitation to Banff National Park.
  • Crew size is of six people or fewer (including models or other talent).
  • Equipment is limited to cameras, tripods, microphones, or other hand-held equipment.
  • Activities remain in areas open to the public and during normal operating hours only.
  • Adheres to all laws and regulations.
  • No drones are used.

For more information and to register and/or apply for a permit for filming or photography, please visit the Parks Canada  website.

Assistance and Resources

The media team at Banff & Lake Louise Tourism is able to help you schedule your itinerary for shooting b-roll and/or live broadcasts. We can also help you speak to the relevant stakeholders and leaseholders regarding filming on specific properties and arrange interviews with local characters and experts. We have a large library of HD b-roll available for your use. 

Please contact us for additional information and advice.