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Connect in Banff National Park

You can’t recall the last time you'd felt this relaxed. Work has been so busy, and you hadn’t had any time to yourself in as long as you can remember. The steam room infused with eucalyptus oil had started the unwinding process, followed by a refreshing dip in the cold plunge pool at Fairmont Banff Springs. You exited the fairytale castle hotel and walked along the Bow River trail to a stunning waterfall up ahead. The sun was setting, the mountain peaks of the Rockies glistened with an orange glow and the feeling of calm and bliss made you realize that everything back home just melted away. 

For hundreds of years people have been travelling to the lands of Banff National Park to relax and recuperate in the natural hot springs. The longstanding tradition of rejuvenation continues today with a rich range of spas and wellness providers in Banff & Lake Louise. 

Fairmont Banff Springs

Treat yourself to an aromatherapy or deep tissue massage after a big day of hiking or skiing – your legs will thank you the next day on the ski hill. Savour some well-earned rest and rejuvenation for your mind and body through one of the many yoga or dance classes offered in town. For those that want to disconnect from their devices, book a guided tour up the Icefields parkway where the skies and scenery seem to last forever. Take a stroll around a mountain lake, enjoy the crystal blue waters and the star-lit skies.