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Canoes on Lake Louise, Banff National Park, AB

Summer in Lake Louise

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Explore summer in Lake Louise and make the most of the early glowing dawn, the warmth of midday, and the lingering dusk. To get up close with the iconic Lake Louise, you can rent a canoe from the Lake Louise Boathouse.

The hiking in the Lake Louise area is some of the most scenic and spectacular in the world. Ranging from walks and easy hikes to multi-day backcountry epics, experiencing this jaw-dropping landscape by foot will be an unforgettable experience. You could walk around the Lake Louise Shoreline Trail to the Victoria Glacier, hike up to the famous Lake Agnes Tea House, or be wowed by the glowing larches during the fall. For guided hiking experiences, check out The Mountain Adventure Program at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise or Great Divide Nature Interpretation. 

More information about hiking in Lake Louise can be found here and on the Parks Canada website.

Another iconic way to see Lake Louise is by horseback. In the summer, Brewster Mountain Pack Trains and Timberline Tours offer a variety of trips that cover most of the Lake Louise area.   

The Lake Louise Gondola offers a different perspective on The Lake. Watch for grizzly bears while you ride the gondola up to a sightseeing deck with panoramic views and an interpretive wildlife centre. From here you'll have a birds-eye view of the iconic lake, as well as the surrounding peaks and glaciers. 

Amongst the long days and fun adventures, don't forget to take some time to take a nap in the sunshine, read the book that has been sitting by your bed for months, or simply watch the clouds float through the sky. Lake Louise is the perfect place to restore and rejuvenate. 

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