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5 ways to live your New Year's resolutions in Banff and Lake Louise

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Dec 20, 2019
Snowshoeing in Marvel Pass, Banff National Park

A new year means new resolutions, and with that, new goals. Achieving and maintaining those goals isn’t always easy, but luckily we have a few resolution suggestions and how to achieve them in Banff and Lake Louise.

Being active, getting outside, disconnecting from technology, pushing the boundaries of adventure, and a healthy diet are all found here and they’ll all contribute to a healthier you. Rewarding yourself with adventure is great, but when the reward is the resolution as well, that’s even better. Here are our five ways to live out your New Year’s resolutions in Banff and Lake Louise.

1. Get Outside And Explore

It’s good for your health! It’s scientifically proven that being outside and engaging with the natural environment around us provides mental and physical health benefits that translate to a healthier and happier you. Whatever the activity, Vitamin D, and fresh Rocky Mountain air is good for the soul. Rent some ice cleats or snowshoes from Banff Adventures or Snowtips-Bactrax in Banff, or Wilson Mountain Sports or Chateau Mountain Sports in Lake Louise and set off on a winter hike.

Snowshoeing on Bow Lake, Banff National ParkSnowshoeing on Bow Lake, Banff National ParkSnowshoeing on Bow Lake, Banff National Park

2. Be More Active

Being active, whether it’s in the mountains or not, is necessary to living a healthy lifestyle. Going to the gym, climbing wall, or swimming will prepare you for the mountain escapes that reward a hard week of work. Getting the most out of the Rockies means being prepared physically, and maintaining an active lifestyle will do just that. White Mountain Adventures provides several group and private outdoor experiences to help guests be active in the park and disconnect in the backcountry. Check out other great outdoor adventure tours from Discover Banff Tours, Great Divide Nature Interpretation, and Mountain Adventure Guides.

3. Disconnect From Everything

In order to connect with nature, we need to disconnect from our phones. Taking your time and taking everything in is the best way to truly enjoy an experience. Banff and Lake Louise are full of areas that are off the beaten path and disconnect visitors from cell service and everyday life. Next time you’re on a hike to a waterfall, snowshoeing in the forest, or skiing down the hill, try to stop and listen to everything in the environment and absorb the experience in a new way.

Ice Climbing in Johnson CanyonIce Climbing in Johnson CanyonIce Climbing in Johnson Canyon

4. Be More Adventurous

Pushing boundaries solidifies confidence and courage in not only outdoor activities, but in life as a whole. The resolution to be more adventurous and find new ways to test your limits creates better mental health and self-awareness. Looking for an adventure? Yamnuska Mountain Adventures offers several different introductory courses in ice and rock climbing, hiking, ski touring, and other activities.

5. Eat Healthy This Year

Whether it’s on vacation, on an adventure or at home, eating healthy is the foundation to supporting a healthy lifestyle and fuel an adventure-filled day. While in Banff, be sure to try Banff’s vegetarian restaurant Nourish Bistro, the healthy Asian-fusion cuisine at Block Kitchen + Bar, or the scrumptious bowls of Seed N Salt. For more on healthy eating check out, 8 Ways To Eat Healthy in Banff and Lake Louise.

Seed N Salt Food and BeverageSeed N Salt Food and BeverageSeed N Salt Food and Beverage
Jonny Bierman

Jonny Bierman

Jonny is an Albertan who grew up skiing Banff’s slopes before globetrotting and studying on Vancouver Island. He now lives in Banff and enjoys all things outdoors and adventure.