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Your 72-hour Romantic Mountain Getaway

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Dec 13, 2017
Rimrock, Hotel, Exterior, Winter, Banff National Park

Day One - On the Road

As you drive into the Canadian Rockies in Alberta and the foothills turn to mountains the excitement for your weekend grows. Past the Banff National Park gates and the exits for Banff, you take the exit for the Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A), notorious for wildlife sightings at dusk and dawn. The light comes up over the mountains and if luck is on your side you may see a deer, an elk, or even a fox.

Arriving in Lake Louise is everything you expected and more. After checking in to your hotel you wander down to the lake itself. The frozen lake is donned with early morning skaters out to enjoy the tranquility of the lake. You strap up your rental skates and head out yourself. Having never skated on a natural lake before you’re surprised by the ebbs and flows of the ice but quickly adapt. A gust of fresh air refreshes you and you’re ready for your next adventure. You and your partner walk along the path to the back of the lake for another lesser-known view of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.


Heading back towards the Chateau, the idea of a warm cup of hot chocolate quickens your step. Trailhead Bakery or Laggan’s Mountain Bakery and Deli in town provide the truly Canadian beverage and a hot lunch. You exit back onto the Trans-Canada (Highway 1) and follow signs for the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93), the anticipation continues to grow for your next stops.

Note: Snow tires are mandatory on the Icefields Parkway from November 1 to April 1

Taking in the views that only one of the most scenic drives in the world can offer, you are astounded by the snow-covered peaks. Your first stop of the afternoon is at Bow Lake, the glacier-fed lake that feeds into the Bow Valley river system, and it reminds you of your own scale. You can imagine the colour of the blue that you’ve seen in photographs below the now frozen surface.

The variety of landscapes that the mountains provide are abundant. As you drive to your next stop at Mistaya Canyon, you can’t believe the difference 20 minutes has made to your surroundings. The short 500-metre walk to the canyon gives you both a sense of solitude and appreciation for the earth’s natural wonders. Testing your footing on the snow-coated ground, you never imagined you’d be able to overlook the canyon carved by the flow of the Mistaya River.

On your journey back towards Lake Louise, you look forward to your final destination, Peyto Lake. The lake, known for being shaped like a wolf or for being named after Bill Peyto, an early Banff National Park warden, doesn’t fall short. Your quick hike up to the viewpoint delivers you to a canvas of fresh snow over the lake, exaggerating its wolf-like shape.


The day of adventure brings you back to your hotel for a well-deserved dinner and cocktail at Alpine Social or the Station Restaurant. Ending your night in the hot tub overlooking the mountain vistas you plan out tomorrow’s adventures and relive today’s favourite moments.

Day Two - A Day of Relaxation

You spent the morning sleeping in and savouring a warm cup of coffee while peering out your window to a fresh dusting of snow. You can’t remember the last time you slept so soundly and didn’t feel the need to rush off. You slowly rise and soak in every minute with each other in a warm bubble bath. You’re not in any rush this morning, so you spend the next few hours wrapped in your cozy robe snuggling up and catching up on some reading.

Before heading back to Banff, you make a stop for one more adventure that includes time spent with a few cute fluffy teammates. You sit back and snuggle with your love while a team of huskies pull you through some of the most magical snow-covered scenery in Lake Louise with Kingmik Dog Sled Tours. You look into each other's eyes and feel truly grateful for having this experience together.

Before your dinner at Saltlik, the Block Kitchen + Bar, or The Grizzly House, you transfer to your Banff hotel, where you and your partner share the excitement for a long-awaited date night. Spending the time to get spruced up, you emerge ready to spend quality time one-on-one. You’ve chosen the perfect dinner that combines both of your culinary favourites with a menu that boasts new dishes and drinks to try.

A couple wanders the streets at night in Banff, ABA couple wanders the streets at night in Banff, ABA couple wanders the streets at night in Banff, AB

Following dinner, you wander the streets of Banff taking in the picturesque town and indulging in some retail therapy. Next, you make your way to the Lux Cinema to take continue your relaxing day and take in a movie. Not quite sure how tomorrow could possibly top today, but you look forward to the possibilities.

Day Three - One Last Surprise

Just when you thought there weren’t any surprises left, your partner wakes you before daylight. At first unsure, you follow along and end up curled up in a blanket together, watching the most beautiful sunrise come over Mount Rundle from Vermilion Lakes viewpoint. The snow glistening in the early morning light leaves you feeling that the magic of this moment will live with you forever.

A snow covered mountain is reflected in clear blue water surrounded by ice and snowA snow covered mountain is reflected in clear blue water surrounded by ice and snowA snow covered mountain is reflected in clear blue water surrounded by ice and snow

On your way back to town you stop for brunch at the Juniper Bistro. Warming yourself up fire-side with a cup of coffee in hand lets you soak in the accomplishment of waking for an early morning. Over breakfast, you look forward to the day ahead of shopping for unique Canadian-crafted gifts and souvenirs. Wandering the shops of Banff is only complete with a mid-afternoon snack, luckily Beavertail serves up fresh, hot, doughy treats.

Full of treats and delight you prepare for your trip back home. Luckily the feeling of the mountains doesn’t fade quickly. You’ll be left revelling in your adventures for weeks to come and surely be planning a trip back to relive your favourite moments and discover new ones too.

Whitney Arnott

Whitney Arnott

Whitney enjoys all things outdoors. Whether she’s camping, hiking, or kayaking, she always has her camera at hand ready to capture life in the Canadian Rockies.