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The Real Banff / Published: Wed, 06/23/2021 - 14:44

3 Days of Pet-Friendly Adventures in Banff National Park

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You: “There’s no such thing as a perfect vacat…” 

Banff and Lake Louise: “You can bring your pet!” 

Now that we’ve established that the perfect vacation exists (think: mountains, glaciers, and delicious food all side-by-side with your furry friend), here’s how you can make dreams come true.  

Day 1: Spoil Your Dog and Cat With Room Service  

Who are we kidding? You’re spoiling yourself too! Now that you brought your pet, you can extend your stay instead of rushing home.  

So pick a hotel with your favourite restaurants, spas, and views, because you need to love it just as much as them, and their only booking preference is that they share a room with you. 

Check-in, unwind and let the vacation begin. Then spend your first morning lounging together in a decadent robe atop a plush bed while eating fluffy waffles topped with fresh berries, whipped cream (for sharing) and maybe even a caesar or mimosa. 

We know you love your pet, but sometimes you can’t do every activity with them, and not all hotels allow you to leave them unattended in your room.  

If you plan a meal out, a dip at the hot springs, or a horseback ride, check them into Veronica’s Dog Grooming & Day Care. You can drop your dog off for the day, the night, or even just for a spa appointment of their own.  

Booking a Pet-Friendly Hotel 

When you book, let them know that you’re bringing your cat or dog with you. Some hotels have limited rooms available that accommodate pets, so it’s important to call ahead.  

Here are some hotels that will make you feel at home. Many of which include a dog bed, food and water bowls, and waste bags:  

*Please check ahead of booking as hotel policies are subject to change.  

Day 2: Shop for Souvenirs Together 

Aside from the iconic photo atop Tunnel Mountain or on the shores of Lake Louise with your pooch, your dog deserves to bring home some souvenirs from Banff Doghouse.  

Treat them to a delicious hand-made cookie to mark the occasion. Then, trim them from head to tail in swag like Banff-themed bandanas so that everyone back home knows that you didn’t leave your pet behind. 

If you forget any of the necessities, you can pick up food, beds, bowls, leads, and more. 

For dinner, head over to Bear St. Tavern’s patio where you can tie your dog up while you sip on a locally brewed beer and eat your weight in pizza drizzled with their signature honey and chilli oil.  

Day 3: Show Your Furry Friend the Sights  

Many of the trails in the Rockies are pet-friendly, and you can check with Parks Canada before you head out to be sure that you’ve chosen the right one.  

Some of our go-to trails include: 

  • The pedestrian bridge from downtown Banff to the Bow Falls  

  • Consolation Lakes in Lake Louise 

  • Hoodoos Trail in Banff near Tunnel Mountain Campground 

You may have an adventure pup or cat on your hands but be sure to match the activity to their skill level. Like humans, hopping on a big hike on a hot summer day can be exhausting if they’ve never done it before. Bring plenty of water along for you both.  

And, unless you’re visiting the off-leash park, ensure they are on-leash at all times. It’s for their safety and protection and yours since they look like a tasty snack to some of our wilder neighbours.  

Now that you’re sufficiently tuckered out, it’s time to head home—or stay another night, we wouldn’t judge you if you needed a cat nap after all that activity.  

Other than your furry friend, is food your next favourite thing on holidays? Comeback Tuesday, June 29 for 3 days in foodie heaven.

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