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Lake Louise and Moraine Lake Shuttle

Moraine Lake - Accessible via Shuttle
Corey Myke

Book your shuttle to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are highly popular in peak season, when parking lots fill up before sunrise. Reserve a Parks Canada shuttle seat to ensure a safe and seamless adventure. Together with the direct shuttles to each lake from the park and ride, a service running between Lake Louise and Moraine Lake means the Parks Canada shuttle is the best way to guarantee you see both lakes in one day.

You must book your shuttle seat in advance, walk-up seating is not available.  Reservations are now open for bookings on the Parks Canada website.

Book Now

How To Book

To book your shuttle, head to the Parks Canada website and follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Reservation selection


    Under reservation type select “Shuttles (to Lake Louise/Moraine Lake)”. Ensure that the park selected is “Banff - Lake Louise”. 
    Using the drop-down menus select your respective Arrival Date and Party Size.
    Under “Shuttle Destination” select either “Lake Louise” or “Moraine Lake” depending on which lake you would like to visit. 
    For “Shuttle Time Ranges” select the time period that you would prefer. 
    To proceed click the calendar icon under “Find Sites”  

    Step 2: Reservation selection
  • Step 2: Availability Calendar


    On this new page,  you can see your preselected choices along the left hand side. From here you can scroll through the available time slots to find the one that best suits your travel plans. Select the time slot by under step 5 by using the drop-down menu.
    To complete this stage, press reserve.  

    Step 3: Availability Calendar
  • Step 3: Acknowledge Messages


    Read and acknowledge the statements. Tick the box to confirm you have done so, press continue to proceed.  

    Step 4: Acknowledge Messages
  • Step 4: Review Shopping Cart


    Review the items in your shopping cart and make sure they are correct, then click “Pay” to proceed.  

    Step 5: Review Shopping Cart
  • Step 5: Log In or Create an Account


    If you have a GCKey login, or a sign in partner login proceed to enter your credentials here. If you do not have either of these accounts you will need to create one.

    Step 6: Log In or Create an Account
  • Step 6: Confirm Reservation


    Read each point, and tick the respective box to acknowledge your acceptance. Press next to continue. 

    Step 7: Confirm Reservation
  • Step 7: Contact information


    Fill in each text box with your respective information. Press “Next” when you are ready to continue. 

    Step 8: Contact information
  • Step 8: Select Permit Holder


    Read the provided information and select whichever statement applies to you. Press next to continue 

    Step 9: Select Permit Holder
  • Step 9: Additional Information


    Using the drop downs, select the respective numbers that represent your party.  

    Step 10: Additional Information
  • Step 10: Park Pass Information


    Read the provided information. If you already have a valid parks pass, press next. If you do not click here to purchase a parks pass. 

    Step 11: Park Pass Information
  • Step 11: Payment

    Review your order and fill in your payment details to finalize your reservation. 

    Step 12: Payment


More Information

Learn more about the shuttles and safety this summer.

Shuttle Details

Eveything you need to know to ride the shuttle, including fares, routes and departure information.


Your fare price includes your shuttle from the Park and Ride to Lake Louise or Moraine Lake, use of the Lake Connector shuttle to move between the two lakes and your return journey to the Park and Ride. 

Adult (18 – 64 years): $8

Senior (65+ years): $4

Youth (6 – 17 years): $2

Child (under 6 years): FREE

Your shuttle ticket does not include a National Park entry fee and your National Park entrance fee does not serve as a shuttle ticket. Both are required. Purchase your National Park Pass online now.


Lake Louise Shuttle
  • Reservation Required
  • Dates & Times: May 13 - Oct 10, every 20 mins between 8:00 am - 6:40 pm. The final return bus from Lake Louise Lakeshore to the Park and Ride is at 7:30 pm.
  • Stops: Park and Ride / Lake Louise Lakeshore
Moraine Lake Shuttle
  • Reservation Required
  • Dates & Times: June 1 - Oct 10, every 20 mins between 8:10 am - 4:50 pm. The final return bus from Moraine Lake to the Park and Ride is at 7:30 pm.
  • Stops: Park and Ride / Moraine Lake
Lake Connector
  • Included with reservation - first-come, first-serve
  • Dates & Times: June 1 - Oct 10, every 15 mins between 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Stops: Lake Louise / Moraine Lake
Village Connector
  • No reservation required - free of charge
  • Dates & Times: May 20 - Oct 10, every 30 mins between 8:00am - 7:30pm
  • Stops: Campground / Village / Park and Ride

Please note:

Return buses from each lake run until 7:30 p.m.
Frequency of shuttle is approximate and may vary


  • All Parks Canada shuttles to Lake Louise Lakeshore and Moraine Lake originate at the Lake Louise Park and Ride lot, located at 1 Whitehorn Rd, Lake Louise, AB, at the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola. If you are staying in the village of Lake Louise or in the Lake Louise Campground, you are encouraged to leave your vehicle at your accommodation and use the free Park and Ride Connector bus.
  • Please arrive at the Lake Louise Park and Ride during the one-hour time block indicated on the ticket. You may arrive at anytime during this one-hour window. Parks Canada staff will check you in you and direct you to the correct boarding area. Tickets are non-transferable and photo ID may be requested to verify that the ticket purchaser is present.
  • You will need to print or take a screenshot of your confirmation email as this is your proof of purchase and is required for shuttle check in. 

COVID-19 and Safety

When travelling by shuttle to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, it’s important to plan ahead and be prepared. COVID-19 safety is a shared responsibility. 

What Parks Canada is doing to help keep passengers safe on shuttles: 

  • Hand-sanitizing stations will be provided. 
  • Shuttles will be fully sanitized daily. 
  • Shuttles will be cleaned throughout the day in accordance with current public health guidance provided by Alberta Health Services. 
  • Reservations allow greater ability to physically distance and stagger arrival and wait times in the Lake Louise Park and Ride and remove the need for on-site payment. 

What shuttle passengers should do to help keep themselves and others safe: 

  • Maintain physical distancing during loading and unloading. 

Learn more about Parks Canada's COVID-19 protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked shuttle questions.

Why should I catch a shuttle to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake?

Parking lots at Moraine Lake and the Lake Louise lakeshore typically fill by sunrise. A reservation on the Parks Canada shuttle provides visitors certainty in visiting both these iconic destinations. 

When can I make my reservation?  

Reservations will be available online via Parks Canada. Walk-up seats are not permitted.  

Do I need to make a reservation?  

Yes, all shuttle reservations must be made in advance through the reservation service. Reservations can be booked online or through the call centre. Make a reservation online or call 1-877-737-3783. 

How late can I make a reservation?  

Limited ticket sales will be available at 8 a.m. MDT two days before your departure. If seats are available, reservations can be made up to 30 minutes before departure.  

Do I need to have a Park Pass in addition to my shuttle booking?

Yes, you will need the Parks Canada Pass on top of your shuttle reservation. You can buy this online.

The shuttles to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise are fully booked. What do I do? 

As reservations may fluctuate throughout the day as people cancel and free up their spots, Parks Canada recommends visitors keep checking the reservation system in advance of their visit. 


  • Take Roam Route 8X or 8S to Lake Louise from Banff. 
  • Plan for an alternate day (48 hours out to secure a reservation). 
  • Drive a personal vehicle to the lake and try and find a parking stall (fees apply to Lake Louise lakeshore). Please note, if you do want to take your private car, have patience and know that parking can fill quickly and remain full throughout the day. Vehicles will be turned away if parking lots are full and there is nowhere to wait for an available stall. Visit BanffNow for real time information including availability of parking, major traffic events, and more. 
  • Plan to visit a different location that day. Check out our blog post: 8 Lakes that aren’t Lake Louise. 
  • Private shuttles and sightseeing tours are also available - rates apply. 

Can I park my car at the lakes?  

Yes, however parking is extremely limited at both the Lake Louise lakeshore and Moraine Lake and it is unlikely that visitors will find parking, especially if they are planning to visit both lakes. Parks Canada encourages visitors to plan ahead by reserving their bus seat in advance of their visit. Reserving a shuttle ahead of time is the best way for visitors to see both iconic locations in the same day.   

Paid parking will be in effect at the Lake Louise Lakeshore from mid-May to mid-October, 2021. Visit the Parks Canada website for further details.

Parking can be paid for at the Lake Louise lakeshore lot on the payment machines that have been installed in the parking lot. Parking cannot be paid for in advance at the Banff East gate. 

Pay stations at the Lake Louise lakeshore will also provide the option to purchase a park entry pass while paying for a parking permit. 

Can I park my car at Lake Louise Village and catch the shuttle?  

Parking is limited at the Lake Louise Village. Parks Canada shuttles transporting guests directly to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise do not stop in the village.  

What happens if new restrictions are implemented? Are the tickets refundable?  

You can cancel reservations up to 1 hour before your departure time. There is a $3.00 non-refundable transaction fee per reservation.  

What time do I need to be at the shuttle?  

Arrive 15 – 30 minutes before shuttle departure.  

Are Parks Canada Buses accessible?  

Parks Canada shuttle busses are not wheelchair accessible. They do allow access for those with limited abilities.  

How do I get between Lake Louise and Moraine Lake?  

A connector shuttle is available, free of charge, for those who have purchased a Lake Louise or Moraine Lake shuttle. Departures will be every 15 minutes from 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.  

I am parked at the Lake Louise lakeshore. Can I hop on the shuttle to Moraine Lake from here?  

No, this is not an option, unlike previous years. The best way to access Moraine Lake is by reserving a shuttle ahead of time and hopping on from the Lake Louise Park and Ride (located at the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola). 

Are pets allowed?  

Animals are allowed on Parks Canada shuttles, but only if in a carrying case that is small enough to fit on a lap. There is no storage for carriers at the lakes so you must be prepared to carry it for the entirety of your visit. Certified assistance animals of any size are permitted. Owners of assistance animals should be prepared to show the animal's verification of training.  

Can I bring strollers and backpacks?  

If space permits.  

Can I bring bikes?  

Bikes are allowed when space permits. Be aware that the owner takes responsibility for any damages that may occur during their travels.

What happens if I miss the last shuttle bus?

At this time there are no alternative transport options from Lake Louise and Moraine Lake back to the Park and Ride at the end of the day. It's important that you are on time for the last shuttle bus of the day to avoid any inconveniences. The final return bus from Lake Louise Lakeshore to the Park and Ride is at 7:30 pm. The final return bus from Moraine Lake to the Park and Ride is at 7:30 pm. 

Still have questions? Find out more through Parks Canada.


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