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Visit Parks Canada’s Banff Now page to check the current parking capacity of many destinations within Banff National Park. Entering Banff National Park by vehicle requires a Park Pass, bypass the lines and purchase yours online before your arrival.
Parking in Banff
Find a Banff parking map (including RVs), current capacity at Banff parking lots, and traffic cameras with estimated travel times on the Town of Banff’s parking page
Parking in Lake Louise
See Parks Canada’s map of parking lots in the Lake Louise area.
For RVs, roadside parking in Lake Louise is limited. Find RV parking in three locations: behind the Husky gas station in the village of Lake Louise, the Lake Louise overflow parking lot (located on Highway 1, 5.5 km east of the exit to Lake Louise), and the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola.

Free parking is available for cars and RVs at the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola parking lot. Access to a free Lake Louise shuttle is also available between this parking lot, the village of Lake Louise and Lake Louise itself.