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Story Ideas for Adventure

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World Cup Kick Off

Watch the world’s top skiers, sip some hot cocoa, and cheer on your favourite athletes at the only World Cup circuit event held in Canada. The Lake Louise Ski World Cup kicks off a host of other events marking the beginning of winter in the Rockies.

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  • Join us for the energy and excitement of the Lake Louise Ski World Cup, and view the full events calendar to see a list of other events being offered during the winter.

 Mix and Match Your Own Adventure

The accessibility of activities and attractions in Banff National Park is one of its most unique qualities. Visitors can be hiking one of Banff’s premier trails during the day and dining in an award-winning restaurant by evening. The proximity of trailheads and other activities, such as skiing, biking, canoeing or climbing, to the town of Banff and hamlet of Lake Louise means that you can push your physical limits and pamper yourself with a fine meal or even spa treatment all in one day. 

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  • Mix and match your choice of activities: paddle the Bow River before hopping on a mountain bike and then enjoy a world-class performance at the Banff Centre
  • Take advantage of the spring season conditions and try downhill skiing, rock climbing and biking all in one day before hitting a local pub and rewarding yourself with a refreshing beer
  • Put in a long day at one of Banff’s three ski areas then enjoy some après-ski treats before soaking in a relaxing hot tub

 Rock Climbing for All Levels

Having some of the highest and most accessible mountains in Canada, The Canadian Rockies boast amazing rock climbing for climbers of all levels. Sport climbing, climbing with the protection of bolts and anchors drilled into rock, is surprisingly accessible to new climbers and those wishing to try tougher climbing grades. The Rockies also offer traditional rock climbing routes (climbed using protective devices placed into cracks and crevasses), including routes that challenge some of the world’s top climbers.

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Banff Offers World-Class Ice Climbing

The Canadian Rockies are home to some of the most sought-after waterfalls on the planet, attracting ice climbers from all over the world. But even if you’ve never swung ice tools at a sheet of ice, local guiding companies will outfit you and give you the know-how you need to make your way upwards.

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Adventure Awaits along the Bow Valley Parkway

This leisurely drive between Banff and Lake Louise features iconic attractions such as Johnston Canyon, Castle Mountain and Morant’s Curve. An abundance of wildlife calls the Bow Valley Parkway home and it is not uncommon to observe grizzlies, wolves, elk and deer along the road; osprey, eagles and harlequin ducks nest along the Bow River. Rich in natural and human history, this serene route offers year-round exploration of diverse wonders in a relaxed manner with numerous picnic areas, interpretive displays and scenic roadside stops. Mountain adventures await year round with numerous hiking trails, scalable peaks, paddling and angling opportunities and this is a premier route for cyclists. After a day of exploration, a charming collection of creek-side cabins and lodging offers mountain hospitality of a bygone era.