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Heli-Hike Your Way to A Spectacular Corporate Retreat

Ditch the suit and gear up for a corporate retreat that is sure to elevate your team to new heights. A helicopter will take your team up into the alpine, where you can enjoy a day of hiking and the fresh mountain air.  Colleagues often find a unique bond in trying something new and the fresh air will be more rejuvenating than any boardroom brainstorming session.

Bring this story to life:

  • Heli-hiking as a corporate retreat is the perfect story idea for MC&IT market publications. Come try it out for yourself and see why
  • Scout out the possibilities of companies staying at a remote lodge in addition to their heli-hiking experience and enjoying the very best in backcountry gourmet meals
  • Working with a smaller budget? Some of the mountain lodges in Banff National Park accessible straight from the road offer a quaint, cozy and quiet place to meet