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Brand Guide

Good brands have personality. Great ones have a story that unites partners and puts a purpose behind every initiative. You may not realize it, but every member plays an integral role in building our brand by contributing to the story that helps guests decide to visit our amazing destination in the first place.

Brand Guidelines

Banff and Lake Louise isn’t just a physical product, it’s an emotional awakening. A feeling that’s as big and dynamic as the spaces it represents; igniting the awe of being alive in those experiencing it. Shaped by countless centuries of natural forces, these places are full of living elements that change with every step, every day, every season, and every time you return. This place is alive; physically and emotionally.

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Brand Overview

From turquoise lakes to mountain tops, our brand creates the harmonized spirit that brings that mindset to life. Review this two-page summary of our brand.

Brand Guidelines Summary