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Banff and Lake Louise Featured in Vogue With 11 Member Businesses

For 118 years, Vogue has been America's cultural barometer, covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, culture, and travel, with a significant reach of 14 million Americans.

The story, 'Why This Beloved Summer Destination in the Canadian Rockies Is Worth Visiting All Year Round' recognizes that many annual visitors travel to the destination during the summer months and highlights the enchanting aspects of visiting in winter. This narrative plays a crucial role in spotlighting the diverse visitor experiences available at other times of the year, and aligns with our 2024 Business Plan objectives to Protect Summer Revenue and Generate Demand for Overnight Stays in Winter.

This feature was a result of a Travel Alberta-led group Familiarization (FAM) tour that BLLT hosted at the end of November, 2023. Themed 'Rockies After Dark', the BLLT team worked behind the scenes to produce this earned coverage and ensured the FAM group were set up for success. Featuring 11 member businesses across lodging, dining, and activity sectors, it is a rare occasion for journalists to cover their entire destination experience, resulting in this noteworthy achievement.

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Published 2024-02-19