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Get involved with Christmas Events

We are excited to share our upcoming festive season line up between November 17-December 31, 2023.

This year, we've strategically transformed our Christmas season approach to compel visitors to extend their stay and experience more while visiting. The festive period begins on November 17-19, featuring the early launch of In Search of Christmas Spirit and an enhanced, full-day Santa Claus Celebration of Lights. This aligns with other seasonal experiences including the Banff Christmas Market and the Hot Chocolate Trail, forming a robust kickoff weekend. It not only invites longer overnight visits but also sets the stage for the entire winter, giving visitors compelling reasons to return. Details on how your business can get involved, and be apart of these exciting opportunities are detailed below.

Participation Information for Members:

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We encourage members to take advantage and add your event to our Events Calendar to share special holiday offerings, activities, and programming.