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The Real Banff / Published: Sun, 01/07/2018 - 14:20

6 reasons to visit Banff SnowDays

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Downtown Banff comes alive with the new SnowDays festival, transforming the area into a unique experience of events, snow sculptures, family-friendly parties, and the Canadian culinary and shopping that visitors come to expect.

From January 18 – 28, SnowDays is celebrated with skating parties, events, and ten giant snow sculptures constructed in downtown Banff with one of four Banff Avenue sculptures being a 20-foot snowman, and six others dubbed ‘The Bear Street Six' being built on a sectioned off part of Bear Street.

Looking for a snowy experience found nowhere else? You've found it in Banff. 

1. Experience live snow sculpting

Most people have never witnessed such dramatic art that is a snow sculpture. The snow sculpting artists themselves can be witnessed carving multi-story high snow cubes into masterful creations that will ignite creativity and leave visitors in awe. Keep warm next to bonfires and dance the night away with DJ Hunnicutt and DJ Co-op at this unique event on Bear Street in Banff. For a map of snow sculpture locations in Banff click here

2. Shopping and dining in downtown Banff have never been better

Explore downtown Banff's culinary, shopping, and art galleries – complimented with snowy activities and the Banff Ave skating rink (near the Banff High School), this is the best time to experience downtown Banff as the destination comes alive celebrating all things winter. Warm up with a beverage or cocktail at Park Distillery, the Banff Ave Brew Co. or Toque Canadian Pub. Grab some tapas at Block Kitchen + Bar, vegetarian eats at Nourish Bistro, Pizza at High Rollers, game meats at the newly renovated The Bison Restaurant, Alberta Beef at Chuck's Steakhouse or Saltlik Steakhouse, or a formal meal at any of these establishments. Looking for a quick snack with the kids? Try Skoki's waffle and Frozen Yogurt, or a classic Canadian treat – a Beaver Tail. 

3. All-Canadian skate parties

Join Winnipeg's DJ Hunnicutt and DJ Co-op January 19 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and January 20 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Banff Ave skating rink as they light up the night with their beats while visitors skate in the shadows of Mount Rundle and Cascade Mountain. Fires and wood are stocked to keep everyone warm and the rink is illuminated every night of the week. 

4. Hype up your Instagram account 

Snap a shot of a 20-foot snowman in downtown Banff, share a story of the live DJ party on Bear Street, and create unique thumb-stopping content that will catch the eyes of your friends and followers. Don't forget to share your story with #MyBanff. 

5. Enjoy a more exclusive experience 

SnowDays is an event that allows more space for more people while downtown Banff provides an experience for everyone. Enjoy fewer crowds at Banff SnowDays and let the experience go as long as you'd like. SnowDays is an exclusive experience with fewer crowds and more time to enjoy the best of this winter festival. 

6. It's completely free

SnowDays is 100 percent complimentary for everyone. Enjoy the hosted DJ parties, snow sculpture celebration, and snow sculptures around Banff, on us. 

For complete event information, visit our Banff SnowDays page.

William Au

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